November 21, 2014


Backup of all databases should be taken & preserved in external storage device before installing the patch

The following are prerequisite for installing this patch 8 for Sanchay post 7.5:

a) The Sanchay Post version 7.5 should be successfully installed
b) Interest Rate Upgrade should be successfully completed.
c) Service pack 1 for Sanchay post 7.5 should be successfully installed.
d) Patch 5 for Sanchay post 7.5 should be successfully installed.
e) Patch 6 for Sanchay post 7.5 can be optionally installed.
f) Sanchay Post version 7.0 should not be available in the system.
The database version should be updated with all patches provided. The database should be compliant with SQL Server 2000 / 2005 /2008.

Patch 8 should be installed in server and all client machines. SP_KVP_Tool. Exe (available in KVP_Tool folder) should be executed ONCE in SERVER ONLY. It shouldn’t be run in client machines.

Run the patch as per the instruction manual provided by SDC

October 17, 2014

Experiences you may come across in your daily office life

Yes it is your experiences or the summary of experiences of so many people like you.  Let us see some questions and answers which arise during your daily working hours.  In this conversation you may be a questioner or may be a person who answers the questions.  Whatever may be your position, this series of question-answers tells the real facts.
After reading following conversation you can contribute more experiences like this in the comment box.

Question 1:  Sir, our systems are so old, they are still Pentium machines with DDR-1 RAM which is outdated and supplied during year 2004. Kindly supply new ones.

Answer: We are glad that our systems are still running more than 10 years now; we expect the systems to run many more years.

Question 2:  Sir, our printer are not working and the print outs are not legible , kindly arrange for service.. please.

Answer: Maintain your printer well, it shouldn’t have complaints.  Servicing of printer is expensive so do adjust with the printer condition as it is.

Question 3:  Sir, our System is having only 256 MB of RAM, kindly upgrade the RAM to 1GB for smooth running of system and software, please.

Answer: Department cannot spend money like that in upgrading, do practice to work with whatever speed the computers are working. 

Question 4:  Sir, There are lot of service pension eMOs and welfare pension eMOs to be printed. It is very difficult to print the eMOs with Dot-matrix printers as it usually takes a fair bit of time for printing even one eMO.

Answer: Providing Laser printer to all delivery offices is not under consideration.  There are about 2000 eMO’s still pending. You are hereby instructed to take all the eMO printouts today itself.  We are considering to buy one Laser printer after meeting of expenditure committee, such that the same is carried from one office to another office for printing of eMOs.

Question 5:  Sir, the offices are not supplied with Systems having Windows 7 Operating system or no license has been purchased.

Answer: Windows 7 may be installed and compliance reported.

Question 6:  Sir, Our handheld scanner is not working so it is very difficult to invoice the articles in Postman, Speednet and Despatch modules.

Answer: Don’t find shortcuts to all needs; try to do work by typing all the barcodes manually.  Expense should be kept at the minimum.

Question 7:  Sir, The UPS supply is not available as the batteries are not replaced.  Sever and other systems are getting shutdown whenever power failure happens.

Answer: We are awaiting the orders of supply for replace the faulty batteries.  It may take probably 1 year to finalize the tender and to supply them.  It is the duty of SA that the Server and systems are working properly.  Any problems arising from the office having been said that the office is not having UPS supply will be viewed seriously.

Question 8:  Sir, One System is having problem with SMPS, Kindly arrange a technical person to check up and replace.

Answer: Why the systems are losing SMPS.  You are directed to report this office as to what reasons the SMPS is not working.

Question 9:  Sir, After SIFY migration, Sub Offices are facing network issues, Virus problems and slowness in working in general.  Kindly inform as to what action to be done.

Answer: SIFY migration is important, Offices need to adjust to new changes, when network and systems are slow, the officials have to work fast and complete the works.  We cannot inform our higher authorities about the slowness and virus problems.  SIFY migration has to be completed at the earliest, we have been forwarding lot of emails one after another as to how to install the antivirus software and importance of antivirus software but no other information is available to this office.

Question 10:  Sir, In one office the detail of BPCOD booking data has not come.  We have given resend request but still no information has been received. No booking information is seen in the web tracking.

Answer: Call Booking office or not, the office of delivery has to take the responsibility for anything related to BPCOD, either you call the office or do anything to dispose the BPCOD at the earliest.  PTC has informed that there is no software complaint so if data is not available in web tracking, call the SA and solve the software complaint.

Question 11:  Sir , In one office the keyboard is not working today, kindly accord sanction for a new one please.

Answer: Problem may be traced and find reasons the keyboard has stopped working.  Send three competitive price of keyboards so as to consider the same or not.

Question 12:  Sir, One printer at office is not printing legibly, the head seems having problems, kindly arrange checking for it.

Answer: Printer heads are very costly; the expenditure is more so it is not possible at the moment for replacement of costly items.  If for reasons prints are not clear you may write on the receipt and issue!!!!!. 

Question 13:  Sir, AMC for servers and printers have expired, how to manage the complaints in such cases.

Answer: It was informed by the Regional office that when complaints of Server arise, first email this office regarding the not working of server.  This office will forward it to the Regional office with a copy to the firm.  Firm will email the Regional office for confirmation and approval of the works, after receiving back the work sheet and approval of confirmation, the service firm will attend the complaints in order of receipt of approvals.  All complaints should reach before 4 PM on Friday.

April 02, 2014

Sanchay Post To be performed after completion of today's work (after taking printout of all your reports and transmitting DET data).

Logout of Sanchay Post in all systems.

Clear log files for all your SB databases using DBAnalyzer.

Take backup of all the SB database and keep the backup files safe.

In your server, Goto SQL Enterprise Manager.

Create a new database with the name 'BPRO_NEW'

Import all the tables from BPRO to 'BPRO_NEW' using the option 'Created objects' (3rd option) in Data Export & Import wizard.

Create a new database with the name 'POST_NEW'.

Import all the tables from POST to 'POST_NEW' using the option 'Created objects' (3rd option) in Data Export & Import wizard.

Create a new database with the name 'BPLOG_NEW'

Import all the tables from BPLOG to 'BPLOG_NEW' using the option 'Created objects' (3rd option) in Data Export & Import wizard.

Detach the databases, 'BPRO', 'BPLOG', 'POST'.

Detach the databases 'BPRO_NEW', 'POST_NEW', 'BPLOG_NEW'.

Attach the databases 'BPRO_NEW', 'POST_NEW', 'BPLOG_NEW' as 'BPRO', 'POST', BPLOG' respectively.

Do defragmentation of the drive in which you are having the database files.

Run DBAnalyzer. Select 'DBUtilities >> Update to SQL 2000' option and enter SA password and click on 'OK'. Then, select the SB databases one by one and click on 'Update'. Intimate results.


March 22, 2014

Specimen sign verification tool- to downsize to 25 kb

Sir, the attached exe will allow to verify scanned signatures soon (to check for SS scanned as "not available")

With a little modification, I can convert it to a tool that automatically downsize scanned images to 25kb( already scanned with size above 25k). This descrepancy is shown by latest DB Analyser.



Rajesh CR
System Administrator
Dept. Of Posts
Nedumkandam 685 553
Mob: 9497278337
Office: 04868-232030

February 05, 2014

SpeedUp invoicing of Virtual article data

In offices installed with SQL SERVER 2000, the invoicing process of virtual articles (mainly for articles received through bundles) is very slow. To settle this problem you can try the following
Delete contents of table- messagearticledata in postman database.
This table holds all the virtual data received through R net. Deleting this data will not affect any other process. Even a single-handed office will have more than 50000 rows in this table. If you are not familiar to sql querry, copy the following and run in querry analiser.

use postman
delete from messagearticledata where trans_date < '2013/1/10'

This will solve the problems while invoicing virtual articles. SQL 2005 does not show this problem. But if the volume of data is large this too will show the same problem. The above mensioned querry can be executed in 2005 also.

1 more advise is to delete old data using delete-old-data in tools menu of postman moduke supervisor


kindly preserve a backup :)

Thank's To
Rajesh CR
System Administrator
Dept. Of Posts
Nedumkandam 685 553
Mob: 9497278337
Office: 04868-232030

January 21, 2014

Point of Sale 7.9 Submit Account Issues and Solution

Point of Sale 7.9 Submit account Issues


        While do submit account in point of sale 7.9 it shows an error message 
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Procedure or function NA_get_eMO_Issue has too many arguments specified.

Just for Info

Above Issue occur due to improper Sequence upgradation of database. 


  1. Update MM 7 Update 8 then upgrade the database of IFS MO.
  2. Once Again upgrade MM7 Update 9 to resolve the Above issue.
Note : The above issue due to non upgradation of Update - 8.

Source: PoTools

January 10, 2014

Latest Postman 7.9 Dated 09.01.14 with COD Redirection by CEPT

Postman 7.9 dated 09/01/2014 by CEPT

Latest Postman Update Dated: 09/01/2014

New Features :

  1. Missent Redirection for Parcel Articles.
  2. Report for Electronic Data received from Central Server.
  3. Mis match Pincode Should be return to Sender



Upgrade Instruction

  1. Download Latest Postman 7.9 dated 09.01.2014 using the Above link
  2. Execute attached exl Using MM Script Tool.
  3. Replace  New exe and all dlls and Register dlls.

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