January 28, 2012

eMO Communication Problem

  Some times When we run eMO Communication an error occurs. It Shows the padding is invalid and cannot be removed. This error prevents eMO Communication and eMOs are pending to be received . This error occurs due to the corrupted files at RXD folder. The solution for this is shown below

lease do the following carefully.

1. stop the emo client application if running.
2. Open the data folder which is inside RXD folder in eMO client installation path.
2a. Delete the files with type qsq_tmp.
3. Select details option in View menu on the top of explorer.(View->details). All files will be shown with file type and date modified.
4. Sort the files by modified date(Click on date modified column once or twice).
5. Select and cut all the files of oldest date and copy into to seperate folder on desktop.( this file might be corrupted).
6. start the eMO client application.
7. Check the eMO after 10-15 minutes.
8. If any emos are shown as not received in emo website  opt for request resending .



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