January 16, 2012

General Problem in Point of Sale

                             Point of Sale

§     Error in connection

When the system where Point of sale in working is switched on or you run the application, if you get error ‘Error no. 52’ the reason is that the Point of Sale application is unable to connect to the server.  Try any of the following as solutions

Ø  Check whether the Server is switched on and is running

Ø  Check whether the hub is switched on

Ø  Check whether the LAN connection of your system is working; This can be tested by observing whether the LAN connection icon is appearing in the taskbar; If this is not available, the LAN connection might have been disabled; Request the system administrator to enable the same

Ø  Check whether the network cable connected to the network adapter is not snapped from the connector at the back of your system; If disconnected, please reconnect

Ø  Check whether the network cable from your system is connected to one of the slots in the hub/switch remains firmly connected; Otherwise request the administrator to reconnect

Ø  On completion of these checks and correcting the problem, if any, try to run the application again; If it does not work still, inform the administrator

Ø  The administrator to check the following

o   Check whether Point of Sale can run from any other system; If so, open the config.xml file in the path C:\Program files\Meghdoot Millennium Point of Sale folder and check whether the server name and share name of the server component as configured initially has not been altered; If you observe any alteration, enter the correct path, save changes and run the application

o   If the above step does not work or you did not notice any change, Open the drive where the Point of Sale server component is installed and check whether the Server component is shared; If the sharing has been removed or the share name had been changed, share the folder again or change the share name; Also check the permission and ensure that it is not set to only ‘Read’; If you notice this change the permission appropriately

§     If the error is ‘Application installation is not proper’

If this error is observed, chances are that either the Point of Sale server component is removed in the server or the Counter.mdb is removed from this folder.  The administrator should check these points.  If the Point of Sale server component had been removed from the server, the same can be reinstalled, the server component shared and the counter.mdb file can be copied from backup location to this folder.  While this is being attempted to, users should not try to connect to Point of Sale

§     Printer not installed error

When you run the Point of sale module, if this error comes up report this to the administrator.  The administrator to open the printers folder and check whether the default printer is available or deleted.  If deleted, the administrator can logoff as the current user and login as administrator and install the printer. 

There is also a possibility that the network printer might have been set as default printer.  In such cases, set the local printer as the default printer to solve the problem.

§     Username of counter PA does not appear at shift begin

Approach the supervisor in such cases.  The Supervisor would not have either done the shift begin and allotted the work or the work allocation would not be from the time required.  The Supervisor should view the current allocation for the PA.  If the from time is a future time and the PA has to start working immediately, the Supervisor can use the tab delete in the work allocation screen, select the PA and delete the entry.  Now the Supervisor can again allot the work from the current time.  The PA can now go to his/her system, click the Refresh (…) button in the login screen and move ahead

§     Username of counter PA does not appear at the end of shift

In this case, the supervisor would have set the ending time of the shift of the PA earlier than the time required.  When the shift time is over the name of PA disappears and the PA will not be able to complete the work.  When this happens, the PA should inform the supervisor and the supervisor should use the Modify tab in the work allocation dialog box, select the user, click the OK button and in the subsequent frame, change the To time to a suitable time beyond the current setting and click OK button; Now the name of operator will appear in the login screen and the work can be continued.

§     In transaction screen OK button appears instead of Print

The Supervisor to login to Point of Sale, Click the menu Tools – Receipt printing and click Yes in the message box that follows

§     Weighing scale not connected but unable to enter weight for articles

Access the menu Tools and check whether the menu Weighing machine is checked.  If so, click the menu and in the confirmation message box click Yes to turn the weighing to manual mode.  Now, you can enter the weight for the articles booked manually in the transaction screen.

§     Weighing scale is available but weight is not captured

Check whether the weighing scale is switched on and turn it on.  If this does not solve the problem, check whether the data cable from the weighing scale has not been disconnected from the communication port on the back of the system.  If disconnected, reconnect and try to weight the article

§     When transaction screen for booking articles is accessed, error message ‘Port already open’ pops up

This error may be due to the fact that in the machine where Point of Sale is installed, modem is also connected and the modem is installed either in Communication Port 1 or the default setup value ‘all available ports’ is selected while installing modem.  The administrator should remove the modem and can re install the modem in the second port in the system.

§     Printout and alignment of receipts not proper

This may be due to change in the default settings of printer options for generating the receipts.  When such a situation arises, the counter PA should select the option Tools – Printer options and in the dialog box that follows, click on Default button to restore default configuration.  You can again open the dialog box and click on Test button to test the print out of receipt.



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