January 02, 2012

Sanchay Post DET Report


1. Click here to download ARROW.EXE
2. Unzip the downloaded file, copy it to the DBAnalyzer folder and run the exe file.
3. Use latest DBAnalyzer >> 'Check databases' >> Version 6.5 R2 and verify if the message 'Upgraded successfully to Version 6.5 R2' is displayed.

Offices having problem in uploading SB KPI's using Account MIS should ensure the following
  • In offices where ‘Sanchay Post Project Arrow Interface’ was installed from Meghdoot 6.6 CD uninstall the ‘Sanchay Post Project Arrow Interface’ module and also delete ‘Project arrow reports’ shortcut if available in the desktop. This should be done in all the systems in which the interface was installed.
  • Ensure that Sanchay Post Version 6.5 R2 is installed.
  • Use DBAnalyzer to check whether you have upgraded to Version 6.5 R2 successfully.
  • Use patchstatus.exe to ensure that all the patches available are installed in all the systems running Sanchaypost.
While performing day end ensure that the message ‘Day end completed successfully’ is received
Offices having difference in the number of signatures scanned shown in SB KPI's and DBAnalyzer
Use DBAnalyzer with latest exe 
  • Check for patches installed in all clients using 'Patch Status'
  • Go to ‘Database discrepancies’ >> ‘Account numbers with blank account status’ for ‘SB’, ‘NSS’ and ‘PPF’ and update.
  • Go to ‘Reports’ >> ‘Signatures without index entries’ >> and delete the entries after confirming that the account numbers listed are not existing.
  • Go to ‘Reports’ >> 'signature scanning report' and verify.
Click on the button 'List of accounts - signature not scanned' to obtain account numbers for which Specimen Signature is not scanned. The file generated can be opened and signatures to be scanned for the accounts listed in it.



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