January 11, 2012

Sanchay Post installation at SO

Installation of Sanchay Post at SO from the backup file of SOSB
1. Install Sanchay Post, Install DB Analyzer.
2. Create Post Database.
3. Configure the Package, Create Persons, Modify Users if needed.
It is better to give starting date 2 days before the actual date while beginning first day begin to ensure the data correctness.After confirming the correctness of data,arrive to the current date by day end and day begin process.
4. Create Dummy Database (by any name)
5. Restore SOSB backup file to the Dummy database.
6. Run SB Table Transfer.exe
Download (Thanks to sapost blog)
7. Type Dummy database as source DB and Post Database as Destination DB
8. Select the Tables needed. Click OK
The data from dummy database will be copied to Post Database.Later,this dummy database can be deleted.
9. Run Sanchay Post Updater (After Day End)
a. Patches
b. R2 upgradation
c. SB limit updation
d. Interest Rates updation
e. DB Analyzer updation.
Now, the Sanchay Post at SO is ready with the available data of HO-SOSB.



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