February 11, 2012

Computer Information Tool

One Simple tool of All information about computers was found in http://wisesoft.co.uk/. Open to all

Collects WMI information about a specified computer and displays a formatted HTML report. Also allows you to monitor and terminate running processes, connect to shares on the remote computer and shutdown/reboot the remote computer. No customization required - just save the script as a HTA (*.hta) and run!


  • Display information for local or remote computer.  Also, option to connect via alternative credentials.
  • Reboot/Shutdown computer.
  • Shortcuts to remote desktop and the computer management MMC console.
  • Operating System Information
  • Sortable/Searchable list of running processes
  • Ability to kill a running process (remotely)
  • Physical memory information.  See how much memory is installed and in which banks.
  • Logical disk information.  Total/Freespace information, including a graphical representation of freespace.
  • Physical disk information - information on the hard drives installed on the computer. e.g. Manufacturer, Model, Size, Serial etc.
  • Processor information - information about CPUs installed on the computer.
  • Shares - Displays a list of all the available shares.  Allows you to map shares as drives and connect to shared printers.
  • Users - Displays a list of local user accounts.
  • Reset passwords for local users and enable/disable local user accounts.
For downloading the tool Click here



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