February 24, 2012

Digi Frank (RMFS) Cheque handling procedure

Handling of Cheques collected for DOP DIGIFRANK from RMFS customers
All the payments/credits received from RMFS customers at the Post Offices should be handled as e-payment transactions only in Point of Sale counter under biller name DOP DIGIFRANK. The particulars are to be entered correctly.
Whenever, Cheques relating to e-payment transactions are collected through POS counter, the cheques are to be transferred to the Treasurer through the option 'Counter Cheques' only. Otherwise, data pertaining to e-counter database (e-payment transaction) will not be transferred to Treasury.
The cheques relating to e-payment transactions received at Treasury from POS counter are to be h
andled as follows:
Receive the Cheque relating to e-payment transaction from the POS counter.
The Cheques received from POS counter are to be sent to Bank.
Treasurer — Payments — Bank Remittance option.
Select bank details, Voucher No. (The number will come automatically), Clearance House, if required, and Click on OK
   In the next menu Select the Cheque concerned and Click on OK
After the clearance particulars are received from Bank, enter the Clearance particulars of the cheque.
Treasurer ToolsCheques Cleared Option.
Select the correct bank details, Designation of the Treasurer, Transactions date on which cheque sent to Bank, Voucher No. and the Date of Clearance of the Cheque and Click on OK.  
  Then in the next menu, select the cheque concerned and Click on Cleared Option.
Then Check the confirmation message and Click on ‘Yes’ Button.  Here, the Clearance particulars will be updated in  Treasury Database as well as  e-counter database, if the cheque particulars are received from POS counte
If the Post Office (SOs) is not dealing with banks directly and remitting the cheques to their Head Offices then the data of cheque realization particulars will be captured by the e-payment server from the Head office concerned once the cheque is disposed at the Head Office as per the above procedure in Treasury.
The details of cheques cleared by the Treasurer are to be verified by the Supervisor through Cheques Verification option.
Click on Fetch button, to get the data for the day, Click on the Voucher Number, Select the Cheque Concerned then Click on OK.
Procedure for creating the Text file and uploading the text file for the cheques collected in Treasury through POS counter and sending the same to Head Office/ Other Head Office. a.      While sending cheques to Other Head office (Including own HO)
i.         The cheques collected are to be sent through the Option Treasurer—Payments- Other Head office.

ii.       Select the Name of the Head Office and select the Cheques to be sent to Other Head office and click on OK.

iii.      Create Text file of the Cheques sent to OHO through the Option Reports—Cheques sent to Other HOs.

iv.     Select the Correct particulars in the Report Form and Click on ‘Screen’ for report view.

v.       In the Report view Click on ‘ToFile’ Option for generating a text file of cheques sent to OHO/HO.

vi.     This text file ‘ChequestoOHOddmmyyyy.txt’  in softcopy has to be sent  along with Cheques for uploading at the concerned
 HO/ Other Head Office.

b.     While receiving cheques from Other Head office (Including own SOs)
i.         The cheques received from Other Head office/SO are to be received through the Option treasurer—receipts
ii.       Select the option Sub Office Receipts / Other Head Office Receipts as the case may be.

iii.     Give particulars of  Office from which the cheques are received (Other Head office or the subOffice as the case may be)

iv.     Select the option ‘From File’ in the remittance received form – Click on ‘Browse’ for the location of the softcopy of the ‘ChequestoOHOddmmyyyy.txt‘ file received from the Other Head Office/Sub Office.

v.       After selecting the correct destination of the file received, Click on OK and click on Finish.

Important Note:
This procedure will update the key information pertaining to Cheques collected  towards e-payment transactions done at SO/OHOs, which are not having direct Bank transactions, for Updating the ecounter database/e-payment server with the Clearance Date particulars of the cheque collected at the Other offices while entering the Clearance particulars for the cheques
at this PO through Treasurer—Tools – Cheques Cleared Option.
Courtsey:Help desk PTC Mysore



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