February 08, 2012

DOPT issued FAQ on Flexible Complementing Scheme (FCS)

   Q1. What is Flexible Complimenting Ans: FCS is an in-situ promotion scheme for
Scheme (FCS)?
scientists for which the criteria shall be proven
merit and records of research. FCS as modified
after 6th CPC recommendations is governed by
DOPT OM No. AB 14017/37/2008-Estt. (RR)
dated 10.09.2010.
Q2. What are the guidelines on FCS Ans: DOPT after 5th,CPC issued
issued by DOPT
comprehensive instructions on FCS in OM
No.2/41/97-PIC dated 9.11.98. These have
been further reviewed in the light of 6th CPC
instructions and modified FCS guidelines
issued in OM NO. AB 14017/37/2008-
Estt.(RR) dated l0th September, 2010

Q3. To whom the instructions are Ans: FCS is applicable to scientists and

Q4. What are the
technologists holding Group A scientific posts
in scientific and technology departments and
who are engaged in scientific activities and
qualifications Ans: Master's degree in Natural/Agricultural
covered under FCS? Sciences or Bachelor's Degree in
Q5. Whether qualifications MCA, Ans: No.
M.Sc.(IT), M.Sc.(Statistics),
Research) and M.Sc.(Total Quality
Management) are covered under FCS?



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