February 10, 2012

Eye-controlled Mouse System for computer system

 A Swedish company called Tobii had launched a  eye-control device dubbed PCEye. The firm's invention tracks movement of a user's eyes and coverts it into mouse cursor on the screen.  According to Tobii, the device is connected through a USB. It is compatible with a large number of software.
Whats the theme behind this innovation ?
The company's main goal was to create a device that would improve the interactivity for stroke victims and other people suffering from impaired motor skills.
   Tobii's representatives also mentioned that the device can work with displays that have a diagonal ranging from 15 to 20-inches. The optimal distance at which the invention can operate ranges from 19.7 - 31.5-inches (50 - 80 cm).

   It is worth mentioning that in order to work properly the device should be connected to a computer that has at least a 1GHz dual-core processor.

   The advanced algorithms developed by Tobii specialists, in combination with high-res cameras can track and register the eye movement of about 95 percent of people. PCEye works perfectly in different light conditions and irrespective of the user's eye color.

   The company mentioned that the price of a PCEye system varies depending on the selected package. However, it was said that a standard option will have a price tag of $7000.

   Though this technology has been launched in the last year itself, many of us are not aware of  this technology.   Hope you have enjoyed reading this article:)



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