February 10, 2012

Eye strain and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome(CVS) don't occur only in adults. Millions of children work at a computer every day, either at home or in school. Prolonged computer use can stress a child's eyes and may affect normal vision development. People who use computer for three hours or more their eyes and eye “Retina” becomes weaker. In this disease symptom like tiredness of eyes, dimness in the vision, seeing of two things instead of one, redness in the eyes becomes apparent and the tubes keeping eyes moist becomes dry.
What are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome?
If you or your child spend more than two hours per day in front of a computer screen, it's likely you will experience some degree of computer vision syndrome. Symptoms of CVS include:
It is better not to use computer continuously for hours. After hour or two, wash your eyes with fresh water
Use artificial tears to rewet and lubricate your eyes. Lower the computer screen so that the centre of the screen is four to eight inches below your eyes. If seated in a draft or near an air vent, try to eliminate the flow of air past your eyes.
Low humidity or fumes aggravate a dry eye condition, so fix these if possible. Blink whenever you begin to sense eye discomfort; close eyelids and roll eyes frequently.
While working on computers, use glasses with anti – reflection coating. These are advised for those wearing lens as well.
For those with presbyopia (glasses for reading after 40 years), the best solution is a lens that is specifically designed for this purpose.
Because the eyes lead the body, the body will assume whatever position is required to enable your eyes to see comfortably. The most optimum viewing distance is considered to be 20 – 28 inches.
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