February 04, 2012

Is Your Start Menu Slow? - - Speed up the Start Menu

Are you a windows user, then some time you may faced this problem. Thew Windows gets older then automatically the start menu  slows down. Sometimes it may takes a minute to load the Start mentu. otherwise it causes the windows hang. The following is a simple tip for speed up your Start menu.
First --- Press Start menu
Select --- Run
Type --- regedit
Then Registry Editor Appears
----------------The Expand HKEY_USERS
In this expanded menu
----------------Expand S-1-5-21-1287443114-2434210548-307590091- 500(Second Last one)
In this menu
------- Expand Control Panel
------Then click/Select Desktop

---On right side Modify the value of “MenuShowDelay” set it to '20'
Click OK
After this Close The registry editor Check the speed of start menu.

A pictorial representation is follows

AAAAAAM8/198lcWBDYfU/s400/123.jpg" width="400" />



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