February 14, 2012

Microsoft Office 2003 compatibility with Office 2007

One day I got a microsoft document 2003 But I cannt open the document in my word 2007.. windows 2003 document extension is doc and 2007 is docx. Similarly for excel 2003 is xls and 2007 xlsx

Microsoft Word 2007 saves documents with the extension .docx and these documents (if saved that way) are only able to be read by other computer users who also have the 2007 version.
Some one of our friends have documents in word 2003 and some other have in 2007. It may difficult for us to open a 2003 word document in 2007. To resolve this problem, the Office 2007 user needs to change the default to a format that lower versions of Office can read.
For MS Word 2007 Users:
  1. Open Microsoft Word 2007

  2. Click the "Office Button" (top left of your screen), then on the bottom of the list click "Word Options"
    MS Office 2007 conversion
  3. The "Word Options" window will open. Now click on "Save" in the left panel
  4. Change the top option (in the right panel) "save files in this format" from "Word Document (*.docx)" to "Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)"
  5. Click "OK" and you are done!
For MS Word 2003 Users:
If you have Office 2003, then you should click on "help" and scroll down to "check for updates" to download the "compatibility pack".
This will allow Users with Word 2003 to be able to read and save documents sent to them that were originally created by someone using Word 2007.
Following above steps help you to view 2003 word files in 2007 words and save them as .docs files.----- BY SA PARAVUR



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