February 23, 2012

Meghdoot-7 point of sale submit account error & MSDTC services error

Problem : After instollation SQL Express and M.M.7.0 

1. RPC errore while submitting  POS Submit account 
2. Error Message like " MSDTC SERVICES IS NOT RUNNING "

Solution :
exec sp_serveroption @server='myserver', @optname='rpc', @optvalue='true'
exec sp_serveroption @server='myserver', @optname='rpc out', @optvalue='true'
Note:  Replace 'myserver' with your servername in the above query.

2. Go to Services (Control Panel-- Administrative Tools--Services ) and then start the service 'Distributed Transaction Coordinator' (MSDTC) with start up type as 'Automatic' and Log On As 'Network Service' as shown in the attachment.   Then execute the below mentioned Query relating to 'RPC' error to solve the problem.

Screen Shot - Distributed Transaction Coordinator' (MSDTC)

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