February 27, 2012

Sanchaya Post- Error in taking Withdrawal in MIS,SB,NSC

Yesterday I got a call from one of our sub offices they told problem in Sanchya post . That is while taking Withdrawal in SB, MIS and for Encashment of NSC an error occurs and exits from sanchya post. “Violation of PRIMARY KEY Constraint' PK_Flow_Table_1367E606' Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.Flow_table'” The error message is Some times this error message changes and shows fatal error not fatal disk error. Me send the copy of this error Software Development Centre Chennai for Solution. Then send Three patches and that solved the problem. 
The patch can be downloaded fromClick here
Please extract the downloaded file. Exists from all modules of Sanchaya post. Copy the patches to Db Analyser Folder and execute one by one. 
Important : BEfore doing any updation/execution of patches take the back of the databases



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