February 03, 2012

To Speed up Computer by Editing Registry

Is your Computer running too slow?
Have you installed many unwanted softwares which are slowing down your PC?
Here is the solution for you!

If the computer is running slow this may be that it is low on memory. The first thing a person will try to do is to uninstall some of those computer software that are not in use. The truth is that unless the program is removed from the registry then the computer may assume it is still there. The computer registry is very important in the overall operation of the computer, it is recommended that a backup be done on the system before attempting this.
  1. Go to the start menu and click on run.
  2. From here type in regedit.exe and then press enter key. This will open the registry of the computer now it is possible to look for the specific program to be edited.
  3. There will be five options available to choose from. Select theHKEY_CLASSES_ROOT option. Double-click the word to expand this option.
  4. Once done, scroll through this section and find the programs or software to be deleted and then delete it.
Create a restore point
  1. Click Start: this is usually located at the bottom left corner of the task bar
  2. Go to all Programs: This is usually located at the bottom of the menu. here the cursor can be placed over the option or the user can just click it.
  3. Go to Accessories: This option is most times found at the top near the other folders, simply use the mouse to click this folder to see more folders appear
  4. Go to system/System tools: Place the cursor over this option to view a list of programs
  5. Click on the system restore option: Left click on this option and a menu will pop up whicstwill provide a choice a restoring the computer or creating a restore point
  6. Create the Restore point: Open this option and follow the on screen instructions to create a restore point.
The registry contains extended information, settings and a number of various values for the Microsoft Operating System (OS). Within the registry, an individual is able to control a large portion of the OS which can be used to correct problems with Windows.

Tips and Warnings
  • IF YOU ARE UNSURE HOW TO DO THIS, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT. If the incorrect program is deleted this may interrupt the overall operation of the computer.
  • To avoid the bad functioning of the computer try not to attempt these steps. Editing the registry can be very costly as well as beneficial. If the wrong program in the registry is deleted then this may affect how the computer operates and it may require the services of a computer technician which would be an unnecessary expense. While of this is done properly, the overall function of the computer may be elevated and things will run faster.
  • Seek assistance if you have no knowledge of how to edit the registry
  • Make careful note of the program names



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