February 15, 2012

Western Union Money Transfer-Prerequisites for New Web based software

Western Union has launched a new software. This was a web based software. This software requires a certificate that has been provided by WUMTs officials.
This software is worked smoothly if the default browser is Internet Explorer. Otherwise this has some problems in taking reports.
Set the Internet Explorer as Default Browser
Start-----------settings----------------Control panel
Network and Internet Settings-----------Click on Internet options
---Click Programs----------Set Internet Explorer as default browser
Two more prerequisites are required to be performed in Internet options to get a proper report of Western Union Transactions.
----Go to Internet options(Right Click on IE then go to properties)

----Then click on Languages Button under General tab
---- Add one more language that is English(United Kingdom)[en-GB] to languages
Then go to
----Security Tab----Click on Custom level
---- Click on the Enable radio button on “Don't prompt for client certificate selection when no certificate or only one certificate exists”
----- Click on OK and Apply

Then open the Internet Explorer
---- Click on File
---- Go to Page setup menu
---- Set all the Margins as 0.50

Install the Certificate Provided by the Western union officials. Then go to Internet Explorer. Type the address provided by western union. Login using the User id and password



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