February 22, 2012

Windows 7 Tips,Tricks and Cracks

Key board shortcuts:
ALT + G  Display Gadgets On Top Of Other Windows
ALT + P Display Or Hide The Explorer Preview Panel
 review Photos In Windows Explorer
Windows key + Left key  ock The Current Windows To The Left Side Of The Screen
Windows key + Right key  ock The Current Windows to the right side of the screen.
Windows Key + T :Move through theTaskbar icons(Alt + Tab in XP for moving across opened programs)
Windows Key + Minus Key: Zoom out (in desktop)
Windows Key + Up Key :Maximize Or Restore The Foreground Window
Windows Key + Down Key :Minimize The Active Window
Features which are present in WINDOWS 7 ONLY but not in XP
Windows Key + Home Key :Minimize Everything Except The Current Window
Left or Right Key :Toggles between monitors if you have multiple screens installed.
Ctrl + Shift+application :Run any application as a administrator
Features which are present in WINDOWS 7 ONLY but not in XP
1.Normally file copy happens in a single thread,which takes more time,which happens much disadvantageous in case of dual core processors or higher ones.But ,in order it to make a multi threaded program with n number of threads ,you can specify “/MT[:n]” in command line.The optimal value of n will be equal to number of processors.
2.Press the Windows key and type Gpedit.msc. Go to Computer Navigation -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Application Control Policies -> AppLocker. Right click on one of the options and create a new rule.Through this,you can block the users of executing vulnerable scripts and other harmful executables.
3.Effective power management can be done by pressing the Windows Key and typing “POWERCFG –ENERGY –OUTPUT <path\filename>”,which will create a file called energy-report.html in the folder.You can then view the power options for all devices and can compare with the specified ratings.
4.Hold down Shift, right-click the drive and “Open in New Process” which can open even a folder as a new process if it can cause you a crash and terminate all your works.



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