March 02, 2012

Access IT Returns on Cell Phone

Soon you will be able to access details about your income tax returns (ITR) and its processing on your cellphone. As the income tax (I-T) department is all set to enhance host of taxpayer-related services and shift to a new e-return filing platform in the coming months.
The new platform will come with various services, including one which will allow tax payers to check details such as refunds, deductions and tax demands on their cellphone.
“The new software, which allows taxpayers to access details of his ITR on smart phone, is being developed with the help of TCS. The new service will be part of the upgraded online return filing portal which will be launched in the next couple of months,” said DIT (investigation) Ahmedabad, Harish Kumar who has been recently transferred to the city from Delhi.
Kumar was speaking at an ‘E-filing & Processing of Tax Returns’ open house session organized in the city on Thursday. The department

The session was attended by M K Mirani, DGIT (Systems), New Delhi; M D Kabra, CCIT, Gujarat; and Sanjai Verma, CIT, CPC, Bangalore and tax consultants from across the state.already hosts services like viewing of tax credits, Annual Information Return (AIR), Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) status, various tax related forms and Tax Return Preparer Scheme (TRPS).
“The new platform will also have a new service called ‘Form View’ wherein after filling required details for ITR one can view how the system would process the form and also make corrections if needed. This would reduce the errors and rectification applications,” added Kumar.
Senior officials said that the department’s Central Processing Centre (CPC), Bangalore, has processed close to 2.1 crore ITR till February 29.
“There are several issues with the I-T department’s e-filing process like wrongly creation of demand and others which we wanted to resolve through the open house. However, the new tool in the new portal will minimize the same considerably,” said a formerpresident All Gujarat Federation of Tax Consultants.



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