March 05, 2012

Error in Communication Modules-(Caused by trxcheck.txt)

To day I went to one of my office. They are running speed net client and Rnet Communication Properly but while viewing the MIS The office details were not appearing. Firstly I looked through Rnet communication folder. Then I found that txcheck.txt in TXD folder. Then I deleted the trxcheck.txt and rerun the r net communication. But while running two communication then trxcheck.txt is recreated. I deleted the same and transmitted this process continued till all the data is transmitted. The same thing is happened in the case of Speed net communication Problem. Trxcheck.txt is found in EMS Client folder. Then I deleted the txt file and transmitted the data.
Then I talked this problem to colleagues for a permanent solution. They give an idea. I opened
Windows—----system32-----drivers---etc--hosts(openwith notepad)--then add the entry-- r net communication)



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