March 07, 2012

Fatal error in sanchay post

 In one of our suboffice   an error is comming while taking withdrawal in SB, MIS, andNSC Encashment. The Screen shot of the error is given below.

Solution1.Run latest DBAnalyzer. Select 'DBUtilities >> Check Database Consistency' option and run it for all databases
In my office The problem relates to corrupted tables in the BPRO database. .

The first option is to restore a fairly recent backup in which the DBCC Checkdb command does not report errors and then to update the database with transactions for the subsequent days.

The second option is to run the query given by us through query analyser.This solution given  may result in a certain degree of data loss proportionate to the corruption of data.The extent and amount of data loss cannot be determined before running the query. Run the  query given below from SQL Query Analyser after taking a backup and after obtaining permission from your divisional \ regional offices and informing them of the data loss which might occur.

sp_dboption 'bpro', 'single user', 'true'
dbcc checkdb ('bpro', REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS)

sp_dboption 'bpro', 'single user', 'false'



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