March 16, 2012

General 6 Useful Tips for Mozilla Firefox Browsers

Making browser window Full Screen- You can view full screen in Mozilla Firefox browser without all the toolbar is just press F11 key to restore to previous just press F11 key again
You can scroll back web page in Mozilla Firefox window by just pressing space bar. You can backup the web page by pressing shift+Space bar.
By pressing Ctrl + Enter Mozilla Firefox automatically enter www and .com for example just type google and press Ctrl+Enter. It will open google website
You can quickly entering to address bar of Mozilla Firefox by just pressing F6 button on key board. Other wise you can use Ctrl+ L to quickly get to address bar
You can quickly book mark any web page on Mozilla Firefox by pressing Ctrl+D on your keyboard. Pressing these two keys together will open the bookmarks or favorites for your browser and allow you to quickly

place a bookmark for the page you're currently at. For example, pressing the two keys now would bookmark this page.
You can open a link in window by holding down the shift key on the keyboard and clicking on the link. Alternatively a user could right-click on the link and choose Open in New Window.



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