March 15, 2012

How to Create Your Own Run Commands

If you had a belief, that RUN commands are only for predefined OS related applications; then it’s past now. Because, now we can also create user defined RUN commands so that we can run any application installed or present inside the computer. This will not only make you easily access the said application but also it will save your precious time. It’s very much easy too..


  1. Go to RUN menu by pressing Windows + R and then type regedit. This will open the registry editor window.
  2. Then navigate to the following location:                                                   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Apps Path
  3. Then create a new folder/key under this Apps Path by a right-click operation at Apps Path and clicking on New –> Key.
  4. Here just enter the name of the application which you will enter in RUN menu finally. E.g. angrybirds.exe.
  5. Right-Click the default string value (the thing automatically created in your new folder) and click Modify.
  6. Chaeviously entered.
  • Now create a new String Value by right-clicking under the default value (the thing we just edited) and select New –> String Value. Name it Path and enter the value as the same path you previously entered.
  • run How To Create Your Own RUN Commands

    8.  Now it’s all DONE! All you have to do is:-Go to RUN menu (Windows + R), then type the name of your own created command(here                angrybirds) and press ENTER.
    Isn’t it simply AWESOME !!!




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