March 22, 2012

How to send .exe File through G mail

Most of the email users using g mail as their main email provider. Gmail provided lot of space but it has some limitation. While we sending .exe,.dll,.bat file through g mail it does not allow you to send the email.While sending these type of file it shows this email contains an executable file. In this case most of us use yahoo or rediff for sending executable files
Now I will give some guidance to send an .exe file through g mail.
One Simple step is that If you have rar or win rar. Then you can send the file inside a rar file. Gmail never scan inside rar files.Zip the exe file using winrar. Then send it through gmail.
For sending the .exe file through gmail you have to change the extension of the file first. To do this you have to open My computer window. On the top of the menu go to tools ---go to Folder options

Then in the folder options window—Click on View tab—find Hide extensions for known file types and un check it. Then click OK(In windows vista—Click on Organize tab in My computer. Then select Folder and search Options –Then go to View)
After this you can rename the extension to .dop of .jpg and then attach the file using g mail. In the receiver end then receiver must rename it to original .extension after downloading
Source: saparavur & dheeru24k



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