March 05, 2012


It is 8th March –; the International Women’s Day that is being observed all over the world. The women who constitute half of the human population continue to be the victims of liberalization policies on the one hand and male chauvinism and feudalistic outlook in the society at large on the other. Even the so called economically liberated women are not fully liberated socially. The much talked about legislations on empowerment of women are yet to take off in our country ,despite  campaigns unleashed by the enlightened women organisations in frequent intervals.

The women employees in different sectors, where their general problems are being tackled through the organised  trade union movement, face several women specific problems on which the trade union leadership are not sensitised so far. The most serious problem that the women employees face and suffer silently is the sexual harassment by fellow workers in general and the officers in particular. Trade unions must take up this issue seriously and ensure that-color: #ffe599;">
The women employees who constitute more than 20 to 40 percent depending upon the places of work, are yet to be unionised fully. Except for payment of union subscriptions and occasionally attending union conferences to elect the leaders of the associations and unions,  seldom  they are encouraged to take part in other day to day work of the trade unions.

There are States like West Bengal and Kerala where women organisations are constituted by the class conscious trade union movement. Such initiatives are needed elsewhere also. Even in All India Federations and Associations such air Person and C.P.Shobana Convenor has already called upon v>e entirety of the Confederation Affiliates to organise special women conventions, seminars and other types of organisational activities with specific reference to mobilisation of women employees working in CG Departments.

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