March 09, 2012

Postal History

World Postal History
1840May 06: First Postage Stamp in the world Penny Black issued
1874October 09: GPU (General Postal Union, the association before 

introduction of UPU) was established in Berne
1994e-mail was introduced

Indian Postal History 
16th CenMughal Emperor Akbar (Regime 1556-1605 AD) is credited with  

organising an efficient system of despach using horses and camels
1672South Indian Ruler Raja Chikkadeva of Mysore organised a regular 

postal service throughout his dominion.
1688First Post Office established in India by the British East India 

Company- Only official mail were transacted. 
1766Robert Clive sets up Regular Postal System.
1774The services of the Post Office were extended to private mails (on 

payment of postage) by Warren Hastings.
1774 Calcutta GPO was established. First PMG took charge in Calcutta. 
1786Madras GPO was established
1794Bombay GPO was established
1796Zamindari Dak lines established
1820J&K Postal Services came into existence
1830Bombay Code Regulation XI suppresses "Private Dawks" 
1852Scinde Dawks, the first indian paper stamp introduced by 

Sir Bartle Frere, Commissioner of Scind
1853The Telegraph Department came into existence
1853Overseas Mail Service started
1854October 01: First Postage Stamp in India was issued
1860Postal Manuals were published
1863Railway mail Sorting was introduced
1867Field Post Office (FPO) Organised
1873First Embossed Envelope introduced
1876India became a member in GPU (earlier form of UPU)
1877Value Payable/Parcel/Insurance services were introduced
1879Postcard was introduced
1880Moneyorder service came into existence
1882Savings Bank Deposit scheme was introduced
1884Postal Life Insurance Scheme was started
1914The departments of Posts and Telegraph merged as P&T Department 
1935IPOs introduced
1947November 21: First Stamp in Independent India issued ('National Flag')
1948August 15: Issued stamps on Gandhiji
1953P&T Department introduced Hindi as the Official Language
1957November 14: first Children's Day Stamps issued (three stamps)   
1959DLO name changed to RLO
1959PRSS introduced
1961July 01: Kerala Postal Circle formation. 
1972August 15: Postal Index Number (PIN) introduced in India  
1972Sanchayika system introduced
1972MPKBY system introduced
1975QMS introduced
1994Express MO, Postal Metro Channel, Rajadhani Channel introduced
2002May 13: First embossed Postage Stamp issued 

("Parliament Golden Jubilee" 1952-2002)
2003Bill Mail Service was introduced
2004ePost was introduced
2005Logistic Post, Direct Post were introduced    
2006instant Money Order (iMO) was introduced



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