March 21, 2012

Postal Services in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

During the British era there was only one sub post office at Ross Island for the entire group of Anadaman & Nicobar Islands.This sub post office was rendering accounts to Pegu Head Post office (Rangoon). At that time mails were coming to Port Blair from three stations- Burma, Calcutta and Madras. Initially the frequency of ships was once in a month from Calcutta and Madras, and twice a month from Rangoon . In course of time two more post offices were opened at Chatham and Long Island. Thus when the British left India there were three post offices in these islands. 

After independence A & N Islands remained with India and the Post offices were placed in a/c with Barrackpore Head Post office under Presidency Division, West Bengal with headquarters at Barrackpore. Subsequently, the Presidency Division was bifurcated and administrative control was vested with South Presidency Division with headquarters at Calcutta. When the population grew with new settlers coming in, the first Postal Sub Division was created in May 1961. 
A full-fledged Postal Division under a Superintendent of Post offices was created on 27th April,1971. On 19th September 1988 this Division was placed under the control of a Director of Postal Services. A & N Division now comprises of 100 post offices including the lone Head Post Office at Port Blair, 26 Sub Post offices and 73 Branch Post offices spread all over the islands. There are 158 regular and 214 GDS staff.

Port Blair Head Post Office

PIN 744101
03192-232226., DHEERU24K



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