March 15, 2012

SANCHAY POST - Version 6.6.1

SANCHAY POST - Version 6.6.1 - Pre-Release Notification
Sanchay post version 6.6.1 is to be released on the 19th of March 2012.  It is imperative for all HOs to upgrade immediately to facilitate interest calculation for the financial year 2012-2013.

Preparation for  upgradation to Sanchaypost version 6.6.1
  • Download the latest DBAnalyzer exe from our website. Run DBAnalyzer software.
  • In ‘Check Databases’ option ensure that upgradation to interest rate updation.
  • In case of any error in the above, contact SDC for solution.

Also ensure the following:
Run DBAnalyzer. Select ‘Database Discrepancies’ (SB,PPF and NSS).
1) Ensure that previous financial year Interest Entry (2010-2011) is made for all accounts. (‘Ledger entries without previous year interest entry’ option will list the accounts without interest entry).
Login to Data Entry Module as Data Entry Supervisor and insert the interest transaction for the previous financial year (i.e. for 2010-2011) with the transaction date as '01/04/2011' and transaction type as 'interest'.
2) Ensure that account type is available for all accounts. (‘Account numbers with blank account type’ option) In online module, login as Supervisor. Use 'Common -> Account type Conversion' form. Select the correct account type and save.
3) Ensure that ledger entries with Cleared Date as ‘01/01/1900’ are not available. (‘Ledger entries with LOT / Cleared Date as 01/01/1900’ option) 
4) Ensure that account status is updated for all accounts. (‘Account numbers with blank account status' option) Select 'Database Discrepancies >> SB >> Account numbers with blank account status' option in DBAnalyzer and update the account status



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