March 10, 2012

TATA comes up with 100km/liter mileage Car

Tata coming up with their new car Tata Megapixel that will be giving a mileage of 100KM per liter. After developing world’s cheapest car Nano (at one lack rupees only), TATA Motors have unveiled a car which will run 100 kilometer in 1 leters of Fuel. This car has been given the name TATA Megapixel after its earlier version Tata Pixels. Approximately it will take 3 years to come into the market.
Mr. Ratan Tata has surprised everyone by presenting Tata Nano and again four seater Tata Megapixel. This is basically designed for cities to overcome traffic and save fuel , hence save money. Not only this car provides a best average ,but also it is best in comfort . Ratan Tata said that it takes at least three years to create such a unique model he had to create electricals appliances also for comfort.According to company it has lithium ion phosphate battery and one petrol engine generator also which gets recharged fast . After making its single fuel tank full, it will approximately go about 900 km. Battery based car (Tata Megapixel) it will run upto 100km/h.

Megapixel is friendly for your pocket as well the environment as the CO2 emission for Megapixel is only 22 gram per KM. Also as per company officials, Tata Megapixel offers a range of up to 900 km (with a single tank of fuel) and a pocket friendly fuel economy of 100 km/litre (under battery only power). The turning radius is only 2.8 meter to make the parking easier.
Last year Tata Motors presented Tata Megapixels at Geneva, Especially for busy Roads in cities in Europe but this car has to be launched yet. Tata Motors chief officer Prakash M Telang said that Tata Megapixel is designed by the team of Engineers & designers of India, Britan & Italy. It will help people who are living in cities. Hope you will like this better version after tata nano.



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