March 19, 2012

Top Ten Keyboard Short cuts

By using Keyboard short cuts we can save great amount of time while using computer. Keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase your productivity, reduce repetitive strain, and help keep you focused. Key board shortcuts are very fast while comparing that action done with Mouse. If you are an expert in keyboard these tips may save a lot of time when you use computer for hours.
Ctrl +S
These tips will work in most of the programs. While working in any programs and documents pressing Ctrl+s will save the document/program
Ctrl + P
you can print any web page or microsoft document by pressing Ctrl + P
Ctrl + X
Ctrl + X will cut the selected /highlighted item
Ctrl + C or Ctrl+ Insert
You can copy the selected item/highlighted item by pressing the above combinations
Ctrl+ V
You can paste the item/object by using Ctrl + V

Ctrl+ Z and Ctrl + Y
You can undo any changes by just pressing Ctrl Z. For example if you cut a selected item Ctrl + Z will undo the same. Ctrl + Y would re do the undo
Ctrl + F
You can open Find by just pressing Ctrl + F. This program works also in internet browser page.
Alt + Tab
By pressing the above combinations you can swith between the open programs
Ctrl + Home/ End
By using this keys you can move the cursur to begin/end of the document in most of the programs inculding internet explorer
Page Up and Page Down
By using the Page up/page down keys you can move the page in the selected direction
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