March 22, 2012

What are the New addition in Sanchay post 6.6.1

1.Rules changes with Respect to

  • SB maximum limit for Closure and interest Calculation
  • Post Maturity Interest Calculation for all scheme
  • Removal of two year Limitation with respect to PMI
  • PMI applicablity for mature extended RD accounts
  • RD maturity Value Calculation with Respect to extended accounts
  • Simple Interest Calculation for RD PMC
  • TD Premature Closure
  • SB Part III deposit to accept to change SB Maximum Limits
  • SCS Claim Close

2.Provision in ECS Debits and credits forms for acceptance of files with respect to NREGS,BPL,INOAP,INDP,INWP. The transaction will be reflected in LOTonly after the form is authorised by supervisor

3.In SB Account opening form provision  for additional account typed added i.e BPL single, BPL joint, NREGS with deposit type, Nregs with deposit Joint,INOAP,INDP,INWP

4.Provision for closure of NREGSaccount

5.Cheque handling Provision  for SO's having direct dealing with bank

6.Interface with RD software updation

7.A new package/ Interface for generating  a ECS  for salary file

8.Person wise LOT for Certificates

source: SADOP&dheeru24k



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