April 16, 2012

How to Open Rar Files in Windows

Rar file is a form of winrar archiver. It is used to store data like any other archiver. It stores data in compressed manner. Users need to extract the rar files and then they can use the stored data. Usually when we compress any files using .rar we can even send an executable file inside rar files through G mail. G mail never scan the files inside the rar files. They can be recognized by their extension. rar.

We can open rar files by using win rar . This is the best program to open rar files in windows

Download     English (32 bit)   &  English (64 bit) 

Just install the winrar. Once we install the rar files then just do the following to open the rar files
Just right click on the rar file and then select open
If you want to save the file in a specific location select extract files and if you want to save the file in the same location then select extract here.

If you select extract files then select the specified folder to save the file. Then select ok

Now The file is open
source: saparavur,dheeru24k



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