April 17, 2012

How to Add a Water Mark to a Word Document

Most of us seen water marks in many papers especially in exam answer papers etc. With Microsoft Word We can set a water mark in our document to separate it from others. Also water mark help us to distinguish our documents from others. We can either insert a text water mark or a picture water mark

Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP (2002)/2003:
    Open the Word document that you want to add watermark to.
    Select "Format" from the top menu, then select "Background", then "Printed Watermark".In the "Printed Watermark" dialog: 1 To insert a text watermark:
    • Select the "Text watermark".
    • Then, either select a pre-defined text from the drop-down, or type in your desire text on the "Text" field.
    • Customize your watermark with other options in this dialog such as text size, text color, etc, then click "OK".
    • Watermark is now inserted into your document.

    2 To insert an image watermark:
    • Select the "Picture watermark".
    • Then click on the button "Select Picture...".
    • Navigate to the directory where your watermark picture is located. Select it and click "Insert".
    • Select a customized scale if desired, then click "OK".
    • The image is now inserted into your document as watermark.
But in Microsoft windows 2007/2010
we want to open the word document and select the tab “Page layout”
and select page background group select the water mark.
Then do the step 1 or 2to add the specified water mark.
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