June 09, 2012

RList Version 2.0

Upgradation of RList:
1.Download Patch and place the exe in the folder in which Rlist.mdb exists. Execute Patch file. This will update the database.
2. Download the new exe. Replace the old exe with new exe. Run new exe.
Go to menu-Configure-Office Details
Configure Barcode Prefix eg: RK
Changes in ver 2.0:
1. For bulk booking,first enter todays first number of RL instead of last number of previous day.
2. Enter the eight digits of the barcode of first letter. It will auto increment. No need of using barcode reader. In case of change in the barcode you can type the desired number in 8 digit box and click ok. You can also use + button to change the barcode.
3. If you want to type the details in uppercase, provision is made.
4. Search of booked articles is changed to Addressee based.
For complete setup, you can use version 1.0 and upgrade it to version 2.0 Download version 1.0
Complete setup for bulk booking by customer will be provided shortly.
To download Patch and RList 2.0 exe click the below button.
Updated on 26.05.2012



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