June 09, 2012

RList with Pincode Database

To download RList with Pincode database,click the below button.
New Users:
1. Download RList version 1 complete setup and install. Download
2. Download the latest updated RList.exe with RList.mdb. Replace the RList .exe and RList.mdb in C:\Program Files\RList folder
3.Configure Office Details,email settings,Branches
4.Start using.
Existing users:
1.Download the latest updated RList. exe with RList.mdb. Replace only the RList .exe C:\Program Files\Rlist folder
Pl do not replace RList.mdb
2.Open downloaded RList.mdb. Select Pincode Table
3.Right click on Pincode Table Select the option Export.
4.Browse the destination for export as C:\Program Files\Rlist\Rlist.mdb
5.After export,confirm that Pincode table available in C:\Program Files\Rlist\Rlist.mdb
6.Start working.
7.If you are using Rlist 1.0, pl execute RList-Patch to get the database upgraded to version 2.0
TIPS for work:
1. Pl change your paper size to “Letter” in printer setting. Else ,you will get error while printing the report.
2. When you click, Bulk booking menu, Data entry window will appear with a delay.Pl wait for it appearing. This is because of loading of Pincode database.
3.While booking the RL, in destination field-type first a few letters of the PO and press Down arrow. Select the correct PO.Then Press Enter. Then the Pincode will appear automatically.
4. If any modification is needed in the Pincode database, you can do it in menu-Pincode data
5. If Station articles are booked, book them with Pincode 000000
6. While sending email, please send zipped file only. Never send the text file as it is.
If sent as text file, it will get junk characters and cannot be uploaded to Despatch.
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