September 11, 2012

SQL Server Database Marked Suspect Recovery - SQL

SQL Server database can become marked suspect for several reasons, therefore regular database backup is mandatory. Possible causes include:
1. Denial of access to a database resource by the operating system
2. Anti-virus/3rd party software blocking access
3. The hardware/network issue or corruption of database file(s)
Prior to resetting the status, the database file issue should be resolved. First check error logs and Event Viewer for related messages. If logs offer no help, then one way of resolution: create an empty database, copy over the damaged database files and restart the server. The (copied over) database may come up in the suspect mode.
The recovery methods below are last resort only. At minimum the server should be rebooted (Windows restart - hardboot), if possible at all, a database copy should be created. If backup files exist, point-in-time recovery is preferred to emergency repair.
The following script resets the status of the database and checks the database for integrity.
-- Check suspect state (status) of all databases
SELECT DBName=NAME, [Status]=state_desc
FROM master.sys.databases
WHERE state_desc='SUSPECT'
-- SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 - Recover database suspect sql server
USE master;

EXEC sp_resetstatus 'CopyOfAdventureWorks2008';
USE CopyOfAdventureWorks2008;




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