December 12, 2012

Easy step for installing Speednet


  1. Install Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0.
  2. Install Speednet Communication 3.1 Setup. EMS Client folder will be formed in C: drive. Share the folder c:\EMS Client.
  3. Unzip SPNET folder to C:\EMS Client folder.
  4. Now, install Speednet 3.1.2 server setup.
  5. Share Speednetserver folder in C:\Program Files\Speednetserver.
  6. Install Speednet client setup.
  7. Copy ChangespeednetURL file from CD to EMS Client folder in C:\ and run it by double clicking on it.
  8. Run Counter.exe file from EMS client folder.(Enter Server name and password)
  9. Now, configure Speednet3.1 file from Start->Programs->Speednet->Speednet3.1.2 and complete the configuration.
  10. To update the offices, configure speednetcommunication 3.1.2 and update the office from the office updates folder.
  11. After the completion of the office updation , again configure speednet 3.1.2 and complete the configuration.
  12. Open EMS Client folder and do the following:-

(a)    Click on ptcmyscs_root and install the certificate.
(b)   Double click on the RegisterCACft.exe file to add the certificate.
(c)    Doubleclick on the Script tool. Enter the server name and select database as counter, enter password as sa, click on execute, C:\EMS client folder will be opened, select POSPCCSQL2KScript.exl file, click on open and run it.

  1. Run Speednetcomm.sql file present in Database Upgrades folder in CD in Query Analyser.
  2. Click on Run-> Type Drivers-> on etc Folder-> Click on hosts file and open this file in notepad and add the following in the last paragraph:-

  1. Open Enterprise Manager of the SQL Server and click on the Counter Database, open table of the counter database in the design table, select Mail table and alter the following:-
Emailaddress-> 30-> varchar  and mobilenumber-> 11-> varchar.

  1. Run Speednetcommunication and enter the software key as SPC1CBPO, click on the call server for authentication and go to tools and click on call server, a msg will be displayed as “ server will be called within one minute” wait for the servers call. Transmission of data will start and will be closed automatically.
  2. Your Speednet is ready for transmission of data.
By:Dharmendra Kumar



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