December 03, 2012

web based e-IOD service User Manual

User Manual – e-IOD

e-Intimation of Delivery (e-IOD) is a web-based value added facility, which provides electronic information about delivery of articles through e-mail or web based access to the senders. This facility can be availed by registered senders. Booking and delivery information of e-IOD articles would be uploaded from booking and delivery post offices on to the central server. An e-mail would be generated by the e-IOD central server to the e-mail address provided by the sender at the time of registration, providing intimation of delivery of articles sent by them.

User id and Password will be given to selected customers for logging on to central server and View and Download Delivery status for their articles

Registration of senders can be done by Divisional Administrator at MBCs or designated post offices/ sorting offices. Articles can be accepted at the MBCs or designated post offices/ sorting offices. Delivery can be from any post office. CEPT PTC MYSORE has developed new web based solution for e-IOD Services which is hosted at PTC Mysore

URL to access e-IOD web application is as below

All MBCs and post offices/ sorting offices identified for registration of senders and despatch of articles should access the above link Day to Day transactions. In addition, all computerized delivery offices need Access the URL to update their delivery work. All these Offices should contact their Divisional Offices For User id and Password to access the application

PTC Will assign a user name and Password to each postal division who will send request for availing eIOD services.

Divisional User will do

1) eIOD customer Registaration:
·         create eIOD customer Master Data
·         Assign Post Office For posting eIOD articles
·         Allocate Barcode range to Customer
·         Issue Certificate Of registration

2) PO User Management: create Admin user for the PO which is identified for doing eIOD transactions

3) Daily Send emails to customer for delivery status of articles posted by custome


Customer Master entry has to be done with utmost care. Customers are allowed to view the booked articles and delivered articles information. Delivery Intimation is also sent the customer to his email id as provided under this option.

Before adding any customer to the package, the following points have to be understood by the Divisional administrator.

Obtain 2 letters eIOD - Office Code from Circle Office:

Customer ID will be 12 digits of which First 6 digits will be provided by the package as per the selection of Circle/Region Code and division code

As per the instruction in the Operational Guidelines from Directorate, Circle has to identify the offices for providing eIOD facility and provide each such office a 2 letters unique Office Code. This code is very important in the package as this office code has to be typed by the operator as the 7th and 8th digit of Customer code.

The last 4 digits (upto 9999) may be given serially to the customers who seek to register   with each office. The Office of registration would give this number, and the operator has to enter this number.

IMPORTANT: If this office code is not properly entered in the Customer ID, the uniqueness of the Customer ID may be lost and the MIS data may not be correct.

Barcode Range to Customer:
A Register may be maintained for allotting the unique Barcode Number Range to each Customer. It is very important to maintain this record, so that while adding the Customer in the system, the Barcode Range is provided in the serial order.
·         Barcode should be of 13 digits - Numeric code.
·         Should start with 2 digit code of Circle/Region as provided in the annexure to operational Instruction.

For example, if the Circle/Region code starts with 57, the barcode range for the first customer may start with –

First Customer:
5700000000001 to 5700001000000  ( 10 lakhs numbers to first customer)

Second Customer:
5700001000001 to 5700003000000 ( 20  lakhs numbers to second customer)

Add New Customer

1)      Select Circle /region code from list
2)      Enter Customer Name
3)      Select Customer Category
4)      Enter Six digit Account number as explained above
5)      Enter Customer Address, City , Pin code
6)      Enter Customer email-id (valid email id)
7)      Enter Customer Contact Phone number
8)      Verify all entries once again and Click on Submit to save details

Assign Post Office to eIOD Customer

Click on Add customer PO

1)      Select Customer
2)      Select Office Of Posting
3)      Enter Postman Code
4)      Verify Details and click On Allocate to save details

Barcode allocation To customer

Click on Add customer Barcodes

1)      Select  Customer
2)      Enter from Barcode and to Barcode as Explained above
3)      Click on Allocate to save barcode allotted details to database
4)      Generate Registration Certificate for e-IOD customer as below. This report is pending

Issue Registration Certificate for e-IOD customer

Format of Registration Certificate for e-IOD customer


M/s …………………..
PIN ………………………….
Postman Beat Code ………

Subject: Registration as e-IOD customer

1.         This is with reference to your application for registration as a customer wanting to avail the Electronic Intimation of Delivery (e-IOD) Facility.

2.         We are glad to inform you that you have been registered, as your customer ID for availing e-IOD facility is


3.         You may now avail of the e-IOD facility by bringing your articles to the following office[1].


4.         For printing the bar code on articles submitted by you, the range allotted to you is


5.         The manner of posting, and other conditions of posting to avail the e-IOD facility are enclosed[2]. Kindly study them in detail for printing of bar codes and other details, before preparing your mail pieces and bringing them over.

Thanking you

Yours truly

Signature ……..……….
Designation ………………
Date Stamp


Add PO Admin USER Menus

Click on create User

1)      PO Name and click on continue

Before PO admin user identify the person and collect information required for creating user like
1)      User Name 2)  Email Id   3) Security Question    4) Security Answer

1)      Enter user name
2)      Enter password
3)      Enter email id
4)      Enter security question and answer
5)      Very and click on create User to save user details
6)      Send email to user to his email id with login details

PO User Menus

Main Menu options:

1.            Create USER
2.            Book e-IOD  articles and generate and issue transaction receipt to customer
3.            Deliver e-IOD  articles received for delivery by his office
4.            Send Customer emails with delivery particulars      


Two types of users are provided: Administrator and Operator. As e-IOD is not used for any financial transaction, both Administrator and operator options are the same. (Supervisor provision is kept with a view of future expansion of package.) Administrator can create additional PO Users If required

Book e-IOD Articles and receipt to customer:

            Application contains only one option to book e-IOD articles and to provide a Receipt to Customer.

Customer will approach the office of posting with details of posting in a format given to him  for submitting the eIOD articles.
            Office will use the following screen to book the articles.


(To be submitted in DUPLICATE along with articles at the Office of Posting)

Product                   ………………………                                                              Date           …………………
(BMS/Regd letter/letter/parcel etc)

Customer ID:                         ……………………………………………

Barcode Range of Articles:

From ……………….to ………………… (Total ……)

From ……………….to ………………… (Total …..)

From ……………….to …………………  (Total ….)
                                                                                Grand Total ………………..

Signature ………………
Name and Designation of
Authorized Signatory

_____ For use in Office of Posting _________

Received …….. (No. of articles), as above.

Manager …………
MBC/Office ……..
Date Stamp      


BOOK Articles:

·         Select the name of customer and check the customer ID provided by customer in his paper. (Selection of customer name is provided for easier selection)
·         Select the article Type.
·         Type the Grand Total as provided by the customer. This total will be checked with the minimum limit prescribed for each type of article. Checking will happen when Print option is clicked. For example, for Bill Mail, the limit is 5000 and package will allow the booking for 5000 and more only. (This limit is removed subsequently)
·         Sorted, article bundles with Barcode range and destination written on the check slip will be submitted at the counter along with bundle total and grand total written in a sheet of paper in the prescribed format. Operator may type the total number of articles in each bundle and its barcode range as provided by the customer and add the barcode range to list.
·         When all bundle details are provided, verify the List Total with the grand total. When found correct, click on Print button to print the receipt to customer.

View booked receipts and print Duplicate Receipt :

Enter receipt number and click on print

Receipt will be displayed which can be printed as below

1.                      Delivery Option:

This application is designed to take returns for your own office or any other office division which is not computerized. By Default your office is delivery office
If you want to take returns for other office then select office delivery from list and invoice for that office
            There are 2 options:
i.                    Invoicing the articles
ii.                 Return remarks for articles

i.                    INVOICE ARTICLES:

   When the e-IOD- Bundles have reached the Office of Destination, they should retain the bundle unopened. And then add the bundle details as given in the check slip of the bundle into system to generate the number of articles received by them. There is no need to scan each and every article. Type the From and To Barcode Numbers as entered in the check slip of the bundle to generate the articles invoice for the office.

   Then the bundle is opened, sorted and articles sent out for delivery.

            Ordinary articles are normally delivered on the same day. In case any articles are     returned undelivered, next day those articles have to be invoiced again and then             returns taken.

            To add single article - type only the From Barcode Number, only that article will be added.

            Wrong articles can be deleted from the list. But once the Return is taken, no article is          allowed to be deleted.

·         Type the From and To Numbers and Click on ADD button to generate the numbers.
·         For any mistake in the numbers typed or so, you may select the wrong articles and delete them.
·         If only From article number is typed , 1 article is added.



            Returns have to be taken when all the postmen return from the beat.
            Collect all the undelivered articles from them to provide the Non Delivery   Remarks.
            If one or two postmen have not returned from the beat, then the returns can be taken the next day by selecting the previous date as Invoice Date.

This is available only for one day previous.

            Only for undelivered articles, remark has to be made. When Save Returns    button is clicked all other articles will be treated as Delivered.
            Take Returns/ View Returns / Modify Returns - all options are possible in   this single screen itself.
·         BY default your office treated as Office of Delivery. If You have invoiced for other office data then select delivery office
·         By Default the current date is displayed as Invoice Date.
·         Click on View button to get the invoiced articles for the selected date.
·         Scan article barcode
·         Select reason for non delivery from remarks list
·         Remarks list contain the standard remarks to be provided for the undelivered articles..
·         When all the un delivery remark is made, finally Click on <Mark other articles as Delivered> button to save returns.
·         All un remarked articles are updated as Delivered.
·         Before clicking on Save returns please check list displayed for correctness and modify wherever required.
·         IF you cancel the returns taken and make return entry afresh then click on <Reset returns. Button
·         Click on Save returns to save delivery details permanently to database.


Articles tracked by logging in as MIS User with credentials

User id     :   dop
Password :   eiodweb*

Booked and delivered Summary are new reports Yet to be made

[1] Different offices may be designated for different products e.g. Bill Mail Service, Speed Post, letters. Greeting cards, parcels etc. The office indicated here is for Bill Mail Service/National Bill Mail Service

[2] The manner of posting and other conditions for availing e-IOD facility may change from time to time, and would be applicable accordingly. Annexures IV, V and VI would also be supplied to the customer, at this stage.



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