March 16, 2012


1.         Night Post Office may extend up to  and by

a)         0830 pm ,DG posts                b)       0700pm,HOC 
c)         1000pm, PMG                         d)       0600pm,SSP                                    Ans: a

2.         Franking machine has

a)         Value die                              b)         License die
c)         Both a&b                              c)         None of this                                      Ans :c

3.         Franking article can be posted by
            a)         Any post office                     b)         Only two post office
c)         Head office                           d)         All sub offices                                   Ans :b

4.         Franking machine license is issued by

            a)         Head of the cirlcle                b)         Head of the division
            c)         DG posts                                d)         Any of these                                     Ans :b

5.         Window delivery ticket is a

            a)     y:nbsp;   Daily docket                          b)         The receipt given by po     
c)       9pbsp; ID of Franking machine licensee’s representative d)   None of these Ans :c

6.         Rebate available at the time of reset of meter is

            a)         2%                                          b)         3%     
c)         5%                                          d)         none of these                                   Ans :b

7.         Error on franking impression the refund will be claimed by firm/institute within_____ and ___ of less deduction.

            a)&nbne;        two month, 2%                      b)         three month, 4%
            c)         one month, 5%                     d)         six month,      1%                              Ans: c

8.         Franking meter reset will be made by

            a)         PA                                           b)         Postman       
            c)         LSG postmaster                    d) PRI and above status                             Ans : d

9.         More than one impression of value die but not more than 1 licensee die allowed.

            a)         Correct                                   b)         Incorrect                                             Ans :a
10        Prepayment of postage on cash facility is authorized by and how much letter may be posted to have these facility.

            a)         HOC, UR-500 big city and 250 small city, Reg -50
            b)         DG post, UR-1000 big city and 500 small city, Reg -100
            c)         Head of the division UR-5000 big city and 1000 small city, Reg -500
            d)         None of these                                                                                               Ans :a

11.       Recall of postal article fee for each article is

            a)         9/-                                            b)         6/-       
c)         3/-                                            d)         Free of cost                                       Ans :b
(in shape of postage)

12        Window delivery will be made in case of insured article vale is more than

            a)         500                                         b)         100
            c)         200                                         d)         No limit                                               Ans :a

13.       Limit of detain article in post office which are received for delivery inland  & foreign article

            a)         15 days and 30 days           b)         7 and 15 days
            c)         30 days and 45 days           d)         None of these                                   Ans :b

14.       Fee for availing post box facility is

            a)         150 per year and 50 per quarterly,            b)         250 per year / 100 quarterly
            c)         100 per year / 50 quarterly              d)         None of these           Ans :a

15.       Fee for availing facility of box and post bag is combine is

a)         150 per year and 50 per quarterly,            b)         250 per year / 80 quarterly
            c)         100 per year / 50 quarterly              d)         None of these           Ans :b

16.       Cost of window delivery ticket is

            a)         9/-                                b)         6/-
            c)         3/-                                d)         Free of cost                                                   Ans :d

17.       Cost of Identity card is

            a)         9/-                                b)         6/-
            c)         3/-                                d)         Free of cost                                                   Ans :a

18.       Validity period of ID card is

            a)         1 Year                                    b)         2 Year           
            c)         Six month                  d)         3 year                                                             Ans: d

19.       Postal Restante article can be detained in post office

            a)         7 days                                    b)         1 month
            c)         15 days                      d)         Cann not be detain                                     Ans :b

20.       Redirection fee of parcels within delivery area /original address  and sender in case of unclaimed parcel is

            a)         9/-                                b)         6/-
            c)         3/-                                d)         free of cost                                                    Ans: d

21.       Redirection fee of parcels except delivery area /original address is

            a)         Postage plus registration fee         b)         Full postage
c)         Half  the prepaid rate                       d)         Free of cost                           Ans: d

22.       Suggestion & complaint book are maintained by

            a)         HO                              b)         BO     
            c)         Circle office               d)         All post office                                                            Ans: d

23.       Size limit of ID card is

            a)         88mmX 63mm                      a)         100mmX 70mm
            c)         11mmX 22mm                      d)         None of these                                   Ans: a

24.       Instruction regarding change of residence is valid for

            a)         1 month         b)         1 year
            c)         3 month         d)         5 year                                                                         Ans: c

25.       Authority to whom complaint should be addressed

            a)         Local Supdt.and PM in case  first class PO.       b)         HOC
            c)         DG Posts                                                                   d)         PMG               Ans: a
(Prepared by AB Kantharaja, Mobile-8969822340 )

Internet Explorer shortcut keys

Shortcut KeysDescription
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General 6 Useful Tips for Mozilla Firefox Browsers

Making browser window Full Screen- You can view full screen in Mozilla Firefox browser without all the toolbar is just press F11 key to restore to previous just press F11 key again
You can scroll back web page in Mozilla Firefox window by just pressing space bar. You can backup the web page by pressing shift+Space bar.
By pressing Ctrl + Enter Mozilla Firefox automatically enter www and .com for example just type google and press Ctrl+Enter. It will open google website
You can quickly entering to address bar of Mozilla Firefox by just pressing F6 button on key board. Other wise you can use Ctrl+ L to quickly get to address bar
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