March 27, 2012

Documents Required for a New Mobile Connection

When we go for a new mobile phone connection some documents are required. These are normal Kyc documents. They need proof of Identity and proof of Address. Some ID cards can be used as both proof of Identity and Proof of Address. They are listed below.


Valid Driving License

Election Commission Card

Valid Passport

Photo I Card having Address

Any other document containing photograph includes:
Ration Card with photograph and address applicable for person whose photo is affixed.
Certificate of address having photograph, issued by MP/ MLA/ Class-A Gazetted Officer in letter head.
Identity Card Issued from Government recognized Institutions (For Students only).
Certificate of address having photo, issued by village panchayat President (for rural areas)


Income TAX PAN Card

Photo Credit Card

Current Passbook of post office/ Bank, with subscriber’s photo 


Smart card issued by CSD, Defense /Paramilitary


Ration Card

Water bill (not older than 3 months)

Telephone bill of fixed line (not older than 3 months)

Electricity bill of state company (not older than 3 months)

Income tax assessment order

Vehicle Registration Certificate

Current Passbook of post office/ bank

Identity card Issued from Post Office

Revision of Interest Rates for Small Savings Schemes with Effect from 1st April 2012

Based on the decisions taken by the Government on the recommendations of theShyamala Gopinath Committee for Comprehensive Review of National Small Savings Fund (NSSF), the interest rates for small saving schemes are to be notified every financial year, before 1st April of that year.  Accordingly, the rate of interest on various small savings schemes for the financial year 2012-13 effective from 1.4.2012, on the basis of the interest compounding/payment built-in in the schemes, shall be as under:

Rate of Interestw.e.f. 1.12.2011
Rate of Interestw.e.f. 1.4.2012
Savings Deposit
1 year Time Deposit
2 year Time Deposit
3 year Time Deposit
5 year Time Deposit
5 year Recurring Deposit
5 year SCSS
5 year MIS
5 year NSC
10 year NSC

Necessary notifications, including those requiring amendments to rules of small savings schemes will be notified separately.


Sri S.Sarkar is the New Member (PLI)

Sri S.Sarkar (IPoS 1978 Batch), Director, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai National Postal Academy, Gaziabad is promoted on Adhoc basis and posted as Member(PLI) & Chairman, Investment Board vide Postal Directorate memo No. 1-56/2003-SPG dated 22.03.2012.

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Increase and Decrease the Web page Font size Quickly

One day when I am searching over web in one website the font size is too small to read. I have searched over net and find a solution to read small or large webpage font sizes. Two techniques/Short cuts are there for increase/decrease the fontsize

Key board Short cut
Press down the contrl key and then press + for increase the font size(Ctrl plus +) and pressing contrl key and then – will decrease the font size. (Ctrl plus -). You can restore back the original or default font by just pressing Control key and 0 (zero) (Ctrl +0)

Mouse Short cut
Mouse short cut will work only on the mouses have scroll whell. Hold down the Ctrl key and scroll up the key and then check. Scroll down for smaller fornts


Please Read Following instructions For Collecting BNPL articles
SpeedNet 3.1.2 Release Version

Now this option is customized to collect BNPL articles with minimum data for SPA articles. Once SPA articles are collected, there is no need for doing detailed data entry for these articles. Article Bagging has to done under Close Bag option itself, as Scanning is must for Close Bag as per the standardization of processes in SpeedNet.

This option is mainly to facilitate Range scanning of articles to reduce the individual scan. Individual scan is also provided to facilitate the split in Range Numbers or one article for a destination etc.

For other articles like Insured, VP, EP etc, detailed data entry is required to be done as they involve different type of data entry for INS/VP Values etc.

As Pin code entry is made compulsory for KPI purpose, this option is modified from that of 3.1.1. Each article has to be sorted SPC wise , then Pin Code wise, then Weight Wise and then the barcode has to be affixed in serial order to make the data entry easier.

If you require to give full data for Addressee then do the address data entry under Tools-> Address Data Entry option or upload the Address data in Excel File format.

Note: Bagging option is removed as it is compulsory to do Article Scan for Bagging.
There are some special requirements to be met to utilize this option better.

1)    Articles should be Pre sorted destination PIN Code wise and then weigh wise before barcoding and scanning, so that while scanning the articles, Range Scan has be selected to speed up the article collection process. Select the option meant for this purpose, ie.,  <Articles are Pre Sorted Destination Wise> . If this option is selected you will not be prompted to select destination for each article scanned. If this option is not selected for each article destination need to be selected.

    Note: As per the KPI requirement, the pin code has to be entered by operator. In order to ease the data entry, he can first select the destination SPC. If the SPC has Linked offices, they will be listed in another list. He can select the office from the list. Now the pin code is automatically entered for him. If the operator feels comfortable to type the pin code instead of selection from the list of offices he is allowed to do that.

2)    Check the option < Weight Less than 50 grams >. Most of the BNPL Articles weigh less than 50 grams and hence for most of those articles, there is no need to enter the weight. Only for those few articles, which are above 50 gms weight, uncheck the option < Weight Less than 50 grams > and type the actual weight.

3)    There is option Range Scan. If BNPL Articles are sorted, destination wise ( Pin code wise) and weight wise and then numbered in serial order, then From and To numbers can be entered under this option, for which package will generate all articles in this range. Thus can avoid scanning such articles. Sort Order and continuous serial number - have to be ensured by operators before using this option, other wise it will lead to wrong collection of articles, once collected which cannot be changed for any reason later. Before collecting the list view is provided to check the correctness. Address data can be provided through Article Address data entry or Address Excel File upload under Tools->Address Entry option later.

For better utilization of Range Scan option :

1)    If customer is affixing barcodes please make customer aware of advantage of affixing barcodes in serial ordes for given destination. They have to sort the articles pin code wise weight wise and then affix the barcode. Customer can purchase the Pincode Directory for his awareness.
2)    If barcodes are affixed on BNPL articles at Post office/SPC,  then concerned staff may  please be trained as to how to sort articles before affixing barcodes, based on Destination SPC and Pin code wise and weight of the articles. Without Pin Code Articles shouldn’t be accepted or operator can make the effort to find the pin code for the articles and then take it for booking.

4)    When articles are scanned they are shown in the list. If any article is wrongly scanned, there is option to delete it from the list before Collect. If an article is collected against wrong customer or weight entered is wrong or destination selection is wrong, then select such article from the list and click on <Delete> button to delete it. And rescan article, with correct combination of Customer, Destination and Weight. Only after confirming the correctness, collect the articles. Once articles are collected, they cannot be deleted from the list.

5)    Once all articles for a particular customer are scanned, verify Customer Name, Destination and Weight for all those articles and do modifications (delete and add)  if necessary. When all articles found ok for given customer,  click on collect.

Pin Code Help Button:

This option is to help operator to know the particular SPC for the given pin code.

    Operator can type the pin code and get the help or can select the office name     from the list above and get the SPC details for that office.
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Collection Agent Booking Module_Version 3.1.2_NewFeatures

Speednet Collection Agent Version 3.1.2
Changes/Updations in CA Module and New Features
Login/Logout: The concept of Login and Logout has been implemented in CA Module to implement security aspects and avoid mis-use w.r.t date manipulations.

Bulk Booking through Soft Copy –
i.    Provision for acceptance of MS-Excel 2007 (.xlsx), CSV (.csv) and Text (.txt) files along with the Excel (.xls) files: The CA Module now allows acceptance of .xlsx, .txt, .csv type files along with .xls files while bulk booking of SP articles in CA Module.

If MS Excel 2007 is not available in client machine, then the users can download AccessDatabaseEngine.exe (ACE OLE DB.12.0 drivers), which is available in the Microsoft website for free download and install it in their system.
ii.    Booking of Articles from Bulk Customers: Often the Collection Agents has some regular customers who will be willing to provide booking data in soft copy to the CA. This option can be used by the Collection Agent to upload data from the soft copy viz., Excel/CSV/Text file.

iii.    Booking of Articles from the Prepaid/Advance/BNPL Customers registered with the PO/SPC concerned: The Collection Agent can use this option to upload data from the soft copy provided by the Prepaid/Advance/BNPL Customers, from whom he is permitted to collect the Speed post articles.

Individual Articles Booking - Customer Selection Option: The option of Customer Selection is now enhanced by provision of List View for selecting customers already available in Address Book Database with full details while booking of individual SP Articles. The user can either select the customer details or feed the details in case of a new customer, which are saved in the Address Book database.

Cancellation of Booked Articles: The available option for Cancellation of Booked Articles has been moved from the Individual Articles Booking Screen and given as a direct option under ‘Tools’ Menu. All such cancelled articles will not be allowed for collection at the PO/SPC concerned.

Data Exchange between Speednet and CA Module is as follows:
I.  From Speednet to CA Module
b)     Configuration File: This is the file containing the Master /Configuration details of the Collection Agent which are required after the 1st time installation and any subsequent updations reqd. to master data from time-to-time due to reasons like tariff revision, changes in grouping of cities n countries, business logic, etc.

During the 1st time installation of CA module, the System Administrator of the PO/SPC concerned has to generate this file after feeding the Collection Agent’s Master Details in the Speednet module and update it after installing the Collection Agent Module.

c)     Acknowledgement File: This is the file which acts as the ‘Acknowledgement’ for Collection Agent’s Transactions. It contains information about the Acceptance/Rejection of articles booked by the Collection Agent, Revenue paid by the CA at the PO/SPC concerned, Barcodes supplied to the Collection Agent, etc.

The Collection Agent has to obtain this file each time he hands over some articles at PO/SPC concerned or makes a payment and update it in his/her system.

The information about the updation of Acknowledgement File by the CA in his System is automatically confirmed in Speednet CA Module when the CA sends the Data File to PO/SPC concerned next time.

However, there will be cases when the CA has re-installed CA Booking Module due to reasons like formatting his system, etc. In such cases, the confirmation will not be included in the Data File and if such period is exceeds 2 days, then the Supervisor has to authorize all such non-confirmations/pending files. Otherwise, the Operator at PO/SPC concerned will not be able to collect booked articacs from the CA in the Speednet Software

II. From CA Module to Speednet:
a)  Data File: This File contains
i.    Data related to SP articles booked by the Collection Agent.
ii.    A confirmation for the receipt of Acknowledgement files received from the PO/SPC concerned and its updation in the CA Module.

The Collection Agent has to provide this file to the PO/SPC concerned every time he/she hands over the SP articles booked by him/her.
Details View:
iii.    Booked Articles Summary/Details: A period-wise statistical information is made available under this option to view summary for the articles booked by the Collection Agent. This includes information for Articles Booked, Articles Sent to PO/SPC concerned, Articles pending, Articles collected by PO/SPC concerned, Articles rejected, Amount paid by the Collection Agent, etc. On clicking individual entries, the details of the respective articles will be shown.

iv.    Barcode Supply Information Details: This option displays the details of the Barcodes received from the PO/SPC concerned.

v.    Customer-wise Articles Report: This is a new report which displays customer-wise transactions of the Bulk C
It is also the duty of the PO/SPC concerned to provide a fh Collection Agent, as and when there is a revision e PO/SPC concerned.

vi.    Articles Rejected Report: This is a new report which displays information for the articles booked by the Collection Agent but rejected by the PO/SPC concerned due to various reasons viz., Duplicate Articles, Cancelled Article, Insufficient Advance Amount in r/o Articles for Advance Customers, etc.

Contact Details: CA Module captures full details of Collection Agent (which now includes Telephone no’s and eMail ID) from the Configuration File.

Validations: The following validations are enforced in the new version:
d)     Login/Logout: This validation is to ensure that the Collection Agent has atleast one Login and corresponding Logout on any given day.

Note: Restrictions on Login are enforced along with blocking of Booking, if the validations fail w.r.t Login/Logout.

e)     Barcodes: The Collection Agent can only use the barcodes supplied to him by the PO/SPC Concerned. Any other series will be duly rejected.

f)     Tariff Version: The agent has to update his/her system with the latest master data (including Tariff) by obtaining a fresh configuration file from PO/SPC concerned.

It is also the duty of the PO/SPC concerned to provide a fresh Configuration File to each Collection Agent, as and when there is a revision in Tariff/Master Data.

The Speednet software will collect the articles booked by the CA with the latest tariff only and the CA has to credit the full amount as per the latest tariff.

g)    Activity: The Collection Agent is governed by the following activity:

Activity    Time-limit      
Sending of articles to PO/SPC concerned along with the Data File    within 24 hours      
Credit the collected amount    within 24 hours      
Obtain & Update Acknowledgement file    within 8 hours from generating the Data File   

Note: Restrictions are enforced on the Collection Agent (including blocking for booking of SP articles) if any of the above said validation fails.

h)     Payment: Agent is supposed to credit the amount collected by him on the same day and get the acknowledgement (data file).

Restrictions are enforced on the Collection Agent (including blocking for booking of SP articles, if any) if the above said validation fails.

i)    Acknowledgement File Updation:  The Collection Agent has to update his system with the Acknowledgement File received from the PO/SPC concerned failing which the confirmation will not be included in the Data File which is generated the next time.

If the confirmation is not reaching Speednet Software for more than 2 days, then Speednet Software will block collection of articles from the Collection Agent until the Supervisor authorizes such pendency.
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SDC Chennai

Software Development Centre, Chennai

Software Development Centre
O/o the Chief Postmaster General
Tamilnadu Postal Circle
Chennai - 600002
Phone: 044-65850861

DBAnalyzer for Sanchay Post

Software Development Centre, Chennai

DBAnalyzer for Sanchay Post

Software Package (zipped)
Revised Exe (zipped)
Last updated on: 26-03-2012
Email issues related to this software to

Software Development Centre
O/o the Chief Postmaster General
Tamilnadu Postal Circle
Chennai - 600002
Phone: 044-65850861

Patches for Sanchay Post Version 6.6.1

Software Development Centre, Chennai

Patches for Sanchay Post Version 6.6.1
Sl.No.  Details Copy to Folder Uploaded on
1 Patch to be run before Interest Calculation Server / Node DBAnalyzer 26/03/2012
2 All systems with Sanchay Post Software, running the respective modules. OT 26/03/2012

Software Development Centre
O/o the Chief Postmaster General
Tamilnadu Postal Circle
Chennai - 600002
Phone: 044-65850861

RD Customer Package Version 3.0

Software Development Centre, Chennai

RD Customer Package Version 3.0
This software is to be used by MPKBY / PRSS agents for generating files which can be imported into Sanchay Post.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. While installing RD Cust safe. Install the new package Version 3.0. Copy the b 'GlobalControls_COMCT332OCX_f0.64768830_83DC_ 11D2_B95D_006097C4DE24' cannot be installed because the file cannot be found in cabinet file ''. This could indicate a network error....' occurs.
Before installation of RD Customer Package, ensure that Microsoft Access or Access Runtime is installed in the system.
Access Runtime can be downloaded from: or
2. How to upgrade the new RD Customer Package if the old version distributed with SB Plug-In software is already in use?
Take a backup of 'rdprss.mdb' file and keep it safe. Install the new package Version 3.0. Copy the backup copy of 'rdprss.mdb' (old version) file to the application folder overwriting the newly created 'rdprss.mdb' file. After copying the 'rdprss.mdb' file, earlier data will be available for use in the new version also.
Email issues related to this software to

Software Development Centre
O/o the Chief Postmaster General
Tamilnadu Postal Circle
Chennai - 600002
Phone: 044-65850861

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