September 29, 2012

Speed Net patch 6 update

SpeedNet Version 3.1.2 Update 6 Release dated 29/09/2012

I.    Purpose of Release
II.   Prerequisites
III.  Upgradation Procedure
IV.  Feedback/Error Reporting

I. Purpose of Release:

1.  Revision of Domestic Speed Post tariff w.e.f 01.10.2012 vide BD Dte 57-06/2011-BD&MD (pt) dated 21.09.2012.

2.  Restructuring of Speed Post Discount structure vide BD Dte 57-03/2012-BD&MD dated 24.09.2012.

3.  Inclusion of 'South Africa' in the list of countries for Speed Post booking as per new EMS Standard Agreement between South Africa and India Post communicated vide Dte (GB) 38-6/2010-DA dated 17.08.2012.

4.  Revision in the method of calculation of taxes and their rounding off communicated vide BD Dte 57-0/2011-BD&MD dated 21.09.2012.

As per the latest communication, Service Tax, Edn. Cess and Higher Edn. Cess are to be rounded off together to the nearest rupee value instead of the current method of rounding up to the next higher rupee value.

5.  New Speednet Communication (C#.Net) module, which will replace the old Speednet Communication (VB 6.0).

II. Pre-requisites:

1.  Hardware:  Min. Pentium IV CPU with 2GHz speed, 1GB RAM and 500 MB free Hard Disk space.
2.  OS: Min. Windows XP SP2 or higher.
3.  Database:  Min. SQL Server 2000 or higher.
4.  Application Software:
     a)  Speednet Server Version 3.1.
     b)  Speednet Client Version 3.1.2 Release date: 15/12/2011.
5.  Other Requirements:
     a)  .Net Framework 2.0 or higher.

III. Upgradation Procedure:

Steps to Upgrade:
   1.   Upgrade the databases first.
   2. Uninstall the old Speednet Communication and Install the new Speednet Communication.
   3.   Upgrade to the Speednet client application.

Note:  The sequence of upgradation should be followed strictly else you cannot log in to Speednet.

1. Database Upgradation:

a) Take full backup of existing Databases i.e., POSPCC and POSPCCBackup
b) Ensure that SpeedNet is not in use in any system at the time of upgradation.
c) Run the EXL Scripts available in 'DB Exl Scripts Folder' using ScriptTool.exe and    check the contents of Log folder for details of upgradation and errors, if any.

2. SpeedNet Communication Module:

a) Ensure that SpeedNet is not in use in any system at the time of upgradation.
b) Copy the contents of Message, RXD and TXD Folders to any other location.
c) Uninstall the existing Communication Module using options available under Control Panel -->Add Remove Programs option.
d) Install the new Speednet Communication Module.
    Note:    i)  If .Net 2.0 Framework is not available, stop here, install .Net 2.0 Framework and then proceed with step (d).
                 ii)    Default Installation path:- C:\Program Files\EMSClient.
                iii)  Do not forget to update the communication path in Speednet Client under   Supervisor -->Master --> Environment --> Folder Paths.                  
e) Run the communication and complete the configuration.

3. SpeedNet Client Upgradation:

On successful upgradation of DBs and Communication Module - do the Client updation.
a)   Copy & overwrite the Speednet.exe, BNPLDataCorrection.exe, TBNPL.snt and 4 DLLs viz., BNPL.dll, CollectionAgent.dll, EMSDelivery.dll and SpeedLib.dll from the upgradation folder to the Speednet folder in all client systems.
b)   Register the 4 DLLs.
c)   Run BNPLDataCorrection.exe once, before using Speednet.
d)   Run Speednet Client, check Login and confirm version updates in the Login form, Date & Time form, About form and Reports.

IV.  Feedback/Error Reporting:

Please provide your feedback or report the errors by sending a mail to with the following subject:

'Speednet Version 3.1.2 - update 6 Dated: 29/09/2012 - Feedback/Error - Details.

Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology,
PTC Campus, Mysore - 570 010.


PATCH FOR SPEED POST TARIFF Update-4 to Meghdoot 7.0

As per CGM, BD & Mktg Directorate, New Delhi letter no. 57-06/2011-BD&MD
(pt) dated 21.09.2012, Speed Post tariff has been revised w.e.f. 01-10-2012.
Further it is clarified by PA Wing of Postal Directorate vide Letter No.PA/BKI/Service Tax/2012-13/D-6029 dated 19-9-2012 that Service tax and
education cess has to be rounded off as a single component to the nearest
rupee, instead of round upwards.
Based on the afore said two orders, modifications to Point of Sale application
have been done. Further the wnx.dll also has been modified and the updated
version is made available.

Hence this release.


Execution of SCS - SI entries for 29/09/2012

Software Development Centre, Chennai

Execution of SCS - SI entries for 29/09/2012
  • Unzip the files to a subfolder in SP5 folder in server or any one of the clients.
  • Logout of Sanchay Post from all the clients and server
  • Backup POST database
  • Execute "scs_si.exe". Click on 'RUN SCS SI'
  • This exe should be executed before day-end of 29/09/2012

Email issues related to this software to

Software Development Centre
O/o the Chief Postmaster General
Tamilnadu Postal Circle
Chennai - 600002
Phone: 044-65850861

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