February 06, 2013

SanchayPost - Negative List 31122012

The file 'NL_20121231.exe' should be copied to DBAnalyzer folder and executed after completion of day's transactions.

This will update the negative list upto 31/12/2012 in Sanchay Post. (Corrections received upto 31/01/2013)

In addition to Negative List, updations relating to PINCODE details are also done in the database. Hence, execution of this patch will take longer than the usual updation time.

System Administrators should ensure that the server is not switched off till successful execution of the patch. To confirm updation, use 'DBAnalyzer >> Database Discrepancies >> NSC >> Details of negative list updation' option.

Download: ftp://ftp.ptcinfo.org/NegativeList/NL_20121231.exe



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