January 21, 2014

Point of Sale 7.9 Submit Account Issues and Solution

Point of Sale 7.9 Submit account Issues


        While do submit account in point of sale 7.9 it shows an error message 
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Procedure or function NA_get_eMO_Issue has too many arguments specified.

Just for Info

Above Issue occur due to improper Sequence upgradation of database. 


  1. Update MM 7 Update 8 then upgrade the database of IFS MO.
  2. Once Again upgrade MM7 Update 9 to resolve the Above issue.
Note : The above issue due to non upgradation of Update - 8.

Source: PoTools

January 10, 2014

Latest Postman 7.9 Dated 09.01.14 with COD Redirection by CEPT

Postman 7.9 dated 09/01/2014 by CEPT

Latest Postman Update Dated: 09/01/2014

New Features :

  1. Missent Redirection for Parcel Articles.
  2. Report for Electronic Data received from Central Server.
  3. Mis match Pincode Should be return to Sender



Upgrade Instruction

  1. Download Latest Postman 7.9 dated 09.01.2014 using the Above link
  2. Execute attached exl Using MM Script Tool.
  3. Replace  New exe and all dlls and Register dlls.

January 09, 2014

Data Migration Command Centre, Chennai



The Center for Excellence in Postal Technology (CEPT), Mysore is making constant efforts to improve the quality of software to provide best services. As part of this activity, CEPT will now be pushing Speednet updates from the Data centre directly to the field offices, which have implemented Speednet Version 4.1.

At present, whenever an update is released for Speednet, the System Administrator has to go round all the offices under his control and to update software manually. Now this process is automated. The software at the local office gets updated automatically whenever CEPT releases update. SpeedNet communication will do the miracle.


a) SpeedNet Update 4.1 should be available in the system.
b) In respect of computers running XP SP1 or SP2, DotNetframework 2.0 or higher to be installed.

How it happens:

  • If the updates are limited to database upgration the same will happen silently in the background.
  • If the updates includes application level changes
  1. The operator will be shown a message indicating availability of New update, at the time of login. and follow the instructions displayed. (This activity can be done by any operator)
  2. Software will not allow login, unless the upgradation process is completed.

Action to be taken by Offices running much older versions:

Offices not implementing Speednet Version 4.1, will have to upgrade manually by downloading the SpeedOne Updater.exe file available in the CEPT FTP site (at ftp://cept.gov.in/SpeedNet/speednet4.1.1/). For upgradation requirements, please refer the ReadMe file.


During automatic transmission, files may get damaged due to various Network or other problems. In such cases errors will be displayed while updating the application. When such errors are encountered, please download the update directly from ftp://cept.gov.in/SpeedNet/speednet4.1.1/


For any further support please send mail to support@ceptmysore.net with subject as :

Phone: 91-821-2449015; 91-821-2440092;
09449865961; 9480809728; 9480809707

Fax: 91-821-2440526

IFS MO Stored Procedure Issues and Solution

eMO IFS Error and Solution


1. Could not find stored procedure "GetIFSMOs_For_RePrinting
2. Could not find stored procedure "N_geteMODetailsForReturnedAuth
3. Could not find stored procedure "N_getIFSDetailsForRedirectionAuth
4. Could not find stored procedure "N_getReasonCodeforIFS
5. Could not find stored procedure "N_IFSDetailedTracking
6. Could not find stored procedure "v_getIFSDetailsForPrinting


  • Download attached exl
  • Execute Once Using Script Tool.


eMO IFS exl

Procedure to avoid the Duplicate COD Article

Simple Procedure to Receive the articles

Most of the Offices has received the COD articles with duplicate in Postman. so here i have shared procedure to Receive the COD articles without duplicate.


  • MM 7 Update 9 Upto dated 24.12.2013 should be installed.
  • R Net Communication 4.0 - Office Master Should be updated.


When COD article is Received to your Office, You just do the following to receive COD Booking data.
Postman 7.9 Registered Parcel Bag
  • Click Bag Receiving to Receive the COD Parcel Bag. 
Try to receive the Bag as Virtually instead of Physically. 
  •  Use Bag Opening Option to Open the COD Articles.
Before receive the COD articles you should ensure that Bag contains article type as COD.
  • To avoid Duplicate Entries 
 In-case COD bags does not received virtually then only you should receive and Open the COD Articles Physically.
If you receive the COD article Physically that is already received by virtual bag that will create duplicate in article type, so at the time of transfer COD to eCounter by Postman Module it gets doubled.  
  • Once Open the article as COD, Just Execute the R Net Communication.
The above procedure to enough to receive the COD article booking message from Central Server.

Request Resend:

If Article does not comes for Postman 7.9 (dated 24.12.13)  invoicing using the above procedure, you may try to give the request Once from Postman Supervisor.
Central Server will respond your request Min 30 Seconds to Max 3 Hours. Once you have requested COD booking data from Postman Supervisor you should execute R Net Communication frequently until receive the COD Article

Just for Info

  • Once article is received from Central server, article will disappear from Request resend option.
  • If Article number not available in Request Resend Menu
  1. It should be download into local database.
  2. Its surly will available in Postman 7.9 COD Post Sorting Menu.
  •  even not available in Post Sorting Menu. You should take up this issues to CEPT.

Never Try

Kindly never try to receive/open/request resend the same article again and again in Postman Module. It will leads to create the Duplicate entries at the time of article received to local database.

Thank's PoTools

January 08, 2014

Sanchay Post SP User Creation Issues and Solution

Solution for Sanchay Post Super User Creation
Version : In SQL 2005/ 2008.
Issues   : Patch can not be run from client system.


While execute Super User in Sanchay Post in SQL 2005/2008 it show an error message as 'Sorry you can not connect from Client Machine..! Existing the application'


  1. Download attached Patch from SDC Chennai.
  2. Update SP_User using downloaded patch.


Update SP_User

More Patches for Sanchay Post : by SDC


COD articles Despatch Solution in Despatch 7.9

While prepare COD Parcel bag it shows an message as "This Article with

is an either not collected or already included in some bag.


  • Download and execute attached exe.


COD-Despatch Exe

Features: (Revised 08.01.14)

  1. Its Include BPCOD,EPCOD,EPVP,INSEPVP,InsBPCOD,InsEPCOD in both abstract and article type.
  2. Double the parcel bag consolidated value has been fixed.
To Fix Abstract Double entries in despatch side visit Solution 
Source: PoTools


1.  Take backup of counter database.
 2.  Download and Run the attached script using Meghdooth Script Tool.
3.  Rename the Despatch.exe in your application folder.
4.  Download the attached exe and rename as Despatch.exe and place it inapplication folder.

Regarding the BNPL articles booking and despatch please follow the
procedure in Read me file which is available in the ftp site.>
Download Solution

Thanks.  Shabareesha U J

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