February 05, 2014

SpeedUp invoicing of Virtual article data

In offices installed with SQL SERVER 2000, the invoicing process of virtual articles (mainly for articles received through bundles) is very slow. To settle this problem you can try the following
Delete contents of table- messagearticledata in postman database.
This table holds all the virtual data received through R net. Deleting this data will not affect any other process. Even a single-handed office will have more than 50000 rows in this table. If you are not familiar to sql querry, copy the following and run in querry analiser.

use postman
delete from messagearticledata where trans_date < '2013/1/10'

This will solve the problems while invoicing virtual articles. SQL 2005 does not show this problem. But if the volume of data is large this too will show the same problem. The above mensioned querry can be executed in 2005 also.

1 more advise is to delete old data using delete-old-data in tools menu of postman moduke supervisor


kindly preserve a backup :)

Thank's To
Rajesh CR
System Administrator
Dept. Of Posts
Nedumkandam 685 553
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